Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rummagepalozza & Win

We got a late start this morning and by 9am it was 110 degrees and rising outside. At the last moment, we decided to check out Rummagepalozza. I'm not sure if it was it's first year or not. It was on the tad small side but did have some awesome stuff. When I had saw the ad online, there was a guy who said he had tons of craft stuff. Well he did not disappoint! We didn't even look into his 50 cent section because of all the great stuff in the 25 cents section. I'm don't have an exact number of yards of elastic I got because I stopped counting after 50 yards. We also got lots of other trims and laces ranging anywhere between 5-10 yards. Some vintage Aunt Martha iron transfers, I know there vintage because they had their original prices on them. So everything we got in the top two pictures were $6.00. We were so excited about all the great things we got. We continued to walk around looking to see what everybody had. I was surprised how much some people were trying to charge for their junk and yes, it was junk. What also bothered me, is those people trying to sell their old, used, nasty, stained and way expired carseats, plus they were charging almost the same price as a brand new one from the store. It was starting to get so hot, that we were just going to leave before looking at the rest of the stuff. But as we were walking out, I came across a guy with boxes and boxes of fabric. I was really drawn to the green leaf and the stripe one, which is actually sort of seersucker and lacey. The teal fabric was plain and perfect for appliques. I paid $3.00 for all of them and there was at least 3 yards of each of them. So since there was only a few more stands, we decided to finish looking. I found a Whoozit rattle for 25 cents, I know Keree is totally too old for rattles but I'm a Whoozit junkie. I actually have a gigantic Whoozit that's bigger than Keree. So I totally brought it for myself. At the last booth we visited, I found some random baseball packs for my Brother. I bought him 6 of them for $3, which I could see some of the inserts and they were totally worth more than what I paid for. Our finally stop before heading home, was a thrift store across the street was having a sidewalk sale. Everything outside was 25 cents. I found Keree a Gymboree top and then found my Brother 8 pairs of pants, mostly khakis for work. By the time we left, it was 128 degrees outside, it was said to be the hottest day of the year so far. We were so hot from walking around, we quickly stopped and got each of us a drink before we headed home. We spent almost all of the rest of the day inside but in the evening it started to cool off a little bit because there was a storm moving in. Keree played outside while we worked on the grass. We also finally went to get the mail and I was super excited to see my envelope from SkinnyKidz. I had won a Blog drawing from Mrs. Broccoli Guy a few weeks ago and got to pick one. I have to say they have so many great choices to choose from but finally decided on the Polk-a-dots. I'll be honest, I have been wanting to get once since Laurie announced her new business venture with Jena on her blog. I honestly wasn't sure even with their measurements if they would be small enough for Keree's waist, because she has a 0-3 mos waist. The other thing was, because of the unknown if they would fit her correctly, I didn't want to spend the money. That's why I was thrilled to win one. I handed Keree the envelope and she was thrilled that she had mail. It took her forever to slowly peel the envelope flap open. Once it was open, she hurriedly removed the belt, took a good look at it and goes "Mommy, is this really for me? Is this really one of the belts from the Internet? Oh Mommy, you love me so much, don't you." I told her, that yes it was for her and that we won it. She didn't quite understand until after some explanation I just said it's kind of like when you won Princess Tomato and they gave you catsup, a crown and trophy. She totally got it then. When my Mom came in, she showed her and goes Mommy won it, just like I won Catsup. See, I told you all she was in the contest just for the bottle for catsup. Keree did try her new belt on for just a few short seconds. It was just too hot for any type of pants, even in short periods of time. So I will write a better post later of this awesome belt and Keree wearing it.

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  1. Oh I was so thinking of her when I saw those belts!!!!