Monday, July 19, 2010

PT, Storm and Stamp Party

This morning our PT appt was later than usual. Ok, so it was only 8am but an hour is a big difference. When we got there Fill-In PT took us right back, which was a big change from previous visits. Of course, Keree had PT in the main gym. Which honestly at 8am, it's super crowded. Keree muddled through the activities and I actually got a small break to read a magazine. Well actually I didn't read it but flipped through the pages. When I wasn't watching Keree or quickly flipping through the magazine, I got to watch the super Hot PT. There's nothing like watching the super hot PT bend this way and that within your eye sight, too bad he's married. After we finished up, my Mom still had about 10 minutes left. So we hung out at the end of her table waiting for her. Once she was done, we headed out to the car. We had a list of errands to run. Which honestly none of us wanted to get done. Our final stop before heading home was Wallymart. My Mom needed a prescription filled, so Keree and I picked up a few school supplies (notebooks and crayons). By the time we got home, it was after nap time. So we ate a quick lunch and Keree went to lay down. I was trying to finish up a few things on the computer and then headed upstairs to work on some printed ribbon. Of course, since no one laid down with Keree, she decided she didn't need to take a nap. Around 3pm, a nasty storm started to blow in. I was still upstairs working and Keree was laying in bed. When all the thunder and lightening started, I suddenly heard Keree crying. I still don't understand where her sudden fears of thunder and lightening has come from. Actually, I'm still perplexed by why suddenly her sensitivity to sounds has gotten worse also. So I headed downstairs but my Mom had already gotten her and started soothing her. I hadn't taken any pictures today, so Keree and I went outside on the porch. She didn't want to go outside there at first because of the Thunder and Lightening but she kept her ears covered. When we came back inside, she grabbed her stuffed Kitty, laid on the couch and covered herself up with a pillow. Finally the storm passed but it took us some convincing for Keree to come out from underneath the pillow. This afternoon also, I finally got a callback from a Pre-school Homeschool program. There program seems a little relaxed, actually has a teacher come out to your house once a week and also has 2 field trip a month. I'm excited and it sounds like it will be a good fit for us. Before we knew it, it was time to head up North. My Great-Aunt was having a stamp party and more than anything it was a break from home. Keree had a blast sitting there, she got to make her very own card and loved getting to use all the stamps. But I have to say, she got super excited when my Great-Uncle got there. He had a heart attack almost a year ago and had almost complete blockage at that time. We came so close to losing him and he's still not doing well. Now to see my Great-Uncle and Keree together, goodness. He takes her for airplane rides all over the house and he doesn't walk, he runs. It scares me so much because he gets out of breathe. I know my Great-Aunt shot him a few dirty looks trying to get him to slow down and of course we keep after Keree telling her, he's got to rest but that doesn't stop him. By the time we started heading home, it was almost 9p. I was surprised when we pulled into the driveway, Keree was still awake, barely. She hobbled into the house and decided she had gotten her 2nd wind. Luckily, she calms down easily and she was asleep by 1030p.

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