Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th

Of course like any morning Keree was up before 6am. She decided as long as I turned on the cartoons she was happy to stay in bed. Needless to say she was tired of cartoons by 7am and was ready to get going. So we got dressed, had some breakfast and started working on lunch. The rest of the family joined us around 11am. Which was good because I had just popped the squash casserole into the oven, so we were ready to eat by 11:30a. After lunch, we sat around looking at pictures before it was finally time for us to celebrate my Brother's birthday. So we lit the candles, sang Happy Birthday and then watched him blow them out. We enjoyed a nice piece of Cookies and Cream cake. We had a lazy afternoon/evening and spent a good majority of time watching movies. Keree wanted her picture taken by our Goose and then she got to play outside for awhile. We ended our evening watching fireworks on TV but also watching our Neighbors shoot them off too.

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