Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fountain Fun

We got up early and headed to PT. My Brother came along with us since we had planned a fun activity afterwards as a surprise for Keree. PT went really well especially since the Replacement PT is still getting to know Keree and what her limitations are. I really wonder what her Regular PT's notes are on the sessions because Replacement PT is totally clueless. So after my Mom and Keree was done with PT, we all loaded into the car. Keree was giddy with excitement because she still had no clue what the surprise was. I guess because we hadn't been to the Shrine since last year, Keree didn't recognize the place as we were driving up. But once we pulled into the parking lot and she saw the fountains, she remembered. We couldn't get in our swimsuits fast enough. She was a little hesitant at first, so Momma had to take Keree's hand and drag her through the fountains until she was completely wet. After about the third time, she was thrilled to run through them on her own. She played quite awhile on her own before she finally asked Uncle to come play with her. Up until then, he was trying his best not to get wet. It was so funny watching them in the fountains because she would run through a particular fountain when it was full force and he would wait until it would go down and walk over it. Keree was constantly yelling at him, Uncle your not doing it right, your suppose to run through the fountains like this. We played in the fountains for almost 2 hours before we decided to walk through the 2 acre playground area to dry off. As you walk, you read the signs and it tells the story of Genesis. Then when you look down, the sidewalk actually has the pictures explaining it. It's really cool. So we walked all the way to the end, where they have the giant Hand Rock. It has bars, so you can try climbing to the top, which none of us has ever tried. Keree decided she wanted to try this spinning thing. It was about a good 3 feet off the ground but she was still sure she wanted to try it. So she stood on there and Uncle started to rotate her slowly. Then in a second, as we were all watching, she takes a nose dive to the ground. Actually it was her eye and cheek that hit the mulch first. Honestly, I'm surprised she didn't break something because she hit so hard. For the next 10 minutes, she was spitting mulch out of her mouth. She had mulch in between her teeth. And we knew it had to hurt because she actually cried. But as soon as she calmed down, she was ready to go again. She went down the different slides a few times, enjoyed bouncing on the teeter totters and playing in the houses. We finally were dry enough, so we loaded back into the car to head home. Since we were all tired by then, we stopped and got a sandwich from Subway. We had never been to this Subway before and I'll tell you when there's metal bars on the windows, you start to have second thoughts about going in. But my Brother and I braved it, there was only one women working the counter. She wasn't even paying attention when we walked in and we literally stood there, making noise, moving closer to where she was at the end and saying excuse me trying to get her attention. It became so comical because it had been over 10 minutes of us doing this and she was totally ignoring us. Finally she looks up and sees us, she is so startled she jumps. I have made a huge mental note to never go there again. Once we had our sandwiches we headed home. After we ate, Keree laid down for a nap, I went upstairs working on printing ribbon and my Mom & Brother packed for his trip. I have to say I'm totally hooked on printing my own ribbon, I love the possibilities it holds. I literally spent all afternoon and early evening working on it. We spent the rest of the evening working on helping him pack and get ready for his trip.

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