Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My Mom had PT this morning by herself, so it gave Keree and I some time just to cuddle in bed and watch educational cartoons together. It was nice to have some alone time. Once my Mom got home, we decided since it was so cool and nice we would head outside to play. Keree swung, watched for butterflies and we talked about all the bees we saw on the clover. After awhile Keree found two sticks and she started using them as rhythm sticks. We ended up turning it into a game, where one of us would play rhythm and then the other person had to repeat the same rhythm. I'm not sure how long we played that before we headed inside. It was way after lunch time at that point. So Keree laid down for a nap but what she failed to do was actually fall asleep. She wandered out of her bedroom, right before it was time for us to leave. We had to head into Cville to drop off her registration for the local Ketchup Pageant that's in a few weeks. More than anything it's just a fun Sunday afternoon event and festival, plus Keree had so much fun last year competing in it. Well the Director who we were dropping the paperwork off to, failed to tell us that the roads were under construction and the usually short 20 minute drive, turned into almost an hour. But thank goodness that everything is now turned in. We then headed to a new beauty supply place that was having it's grand opening. There is a shortage of complete metal double prong alligator clips in my area (literally they have been sold out for months now), so I really hoping they would have some. When we found them, I basically jumped for joy. There prices are cheaper than any of the other places in town plus we got a Grand Opening discount of 20%. We made one final stop before heading home, we decided to treat ourselves to a Slushie from QT. Keree had Orange Dreamsicle, Mom had Pina Colda and I had Black Cherry. I think I ended up drinking a majority of my Mom's Pina Colda because it was so good and refreshing. I told her all it was missing was a little rum. When we got home, Keree and I fixed Bratwursts for dinner. She had so much fun in the kitchen. After we finished dinner, I helped my Mom while Keree played. We let her have the red webbing bandage that was on our arms from the blood drive. She wrapped up all of Kitty's appendages pretending they were hurt. Finally she ended up wrapping up his head pretending it hurt. Then she asked Mom if she would help her wrap her head. I couldn't quit laughing seeing Keree and Kitty with boo-boo heads. We ended our night by changing into our pajamas and watching Toddlers and Tiaras.

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