Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where did I come from? and Lessons 41 & 42

We woke up to it raining outside. Luckily by the time we left for school it had stopped. After I signed Keree in, she was already asking the Teacher to help her put on a smock so she could paint. While Keree was at school, we spent time working on show stuff and trying to get some organization back into our house. Which trust me isn't an easy task right now. When I went to pick Keree up, it had just started raining again. When I got inside the class summary said that they made a new pattern on their calendar, this time using ABC's. The read the book Billy and the Big Bad Bully. And also worked on cutting. This also put the first field trip of the year sign-up on the board, were going to the Orchard in a few weeks. Since it was raining, I had to carry Keree out to the car, one because she hates to get wet and secondly because she walks slowly. When we got home, Keree helped me fix bruschetta for lunch. I was surprised at how many pieces she ate before she declared she was tired. So, before nap time, we worked on Lessons 41 & 42....actually we sort of messed up and read the wrong story with the wrong lesson (guess the pages got stuck) but luckily since it was a new and repeat chapter it didn't mess us up. After school was done, I had stayed up super late last night (like 2am) trying to find a book to read to Keree about adoption. Specifically one starting the process with Birth Parents. We have quite the collection and almost everyone of the books starts with the hospital or orphanage, like they were just dropped off there by no one. I was a little disappointed but I did find one book called "All about Adoption". Now it's a little more geared to an older child adoption, so while I read it to Keree, I modified some of it so it would say baby instead of child. Keree was quiet during most of my reading, the only time she talked a mile a minute was when the discussed the Adoption worker come out to see the house during the Homestudy. She named about a 100 items in our house, asking if they saw it during our homestudy. After I finished reading, I asked her if she wanted to talk or did she have any questions. She told me she didn't want to talk right now. I didn't push it because she will talk, when she wants to talk. Once Keree got up from her nap, she spent her time drawing pictures of spiderman, kitty cats and clouds, today there was no pictures of women and babies in their tummies. This evening Keree was suppose to have cheerleading but since it continued to rain, they decided to cancel. Instead they have decided that they will have 2 practice next week and each one of them will be 2 1/2 -3 hours. Lets just remember that the practices are during the school week, so that means if practice starts at 6pm, it won't end until sometime between 830p - 9pm? That's just down right crazy. Since practice was canceled, we worked on organizing and cleaning. It's almost 10p and Keree won't go to bed without me, I'm thinking its from the adoption book we read today but it could just be one of those days instead.

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