Thursday, September 9, 2010

Four States in 1 Day

We got up super early this morning, with the plan we would arrive in Kentucky before 1p. Well the drive wasn't bad until we reached Indy. From Indy to the Ohio border it was mile to mile road construction. As soon as I thought we had gotten out of some 30.4 miles of construction, we would go less than a mile another sign would appear with road construction 26.5 miles. It was nuts! Keree was so good through the whole trip, she spent her time playing her vsmile or watching movies. She also spent a good time of the trip drawing. When we got into town, we started unloading so we could set up our tent and head back to my Brother's house to continue working on last minute things. Well it turns out we weren't suppose to start setting up till after 6p. Well what was funny, there was lots of people already there and setting up. The head of the event walks over and goes, you need to take you tent down and wait till 6p. I guess it was the look of death I gave her that caused her to stop and reconsider what she was about to do. I mean seriously, I had slept less than 2 hrs, just drove over 10 hrs and now your gonna tell me I can't set-up when other people are setting up around us. Yeah right! So after we got the two tents set, constructed some of our grids and racks, we headed to my Brother's house. He wasn't off work yet but luckily we have keys. It was nice to settle in before he got home and we were actually already working on last minute things when he got home. We enjoyed some pizza for dinner and then Keree got to enjoy a long bath before going to bed. My Mom and I worked past 2am trying to get things done and ready for tomorrow.

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