Friday, September 24, 2010

Hornworm & Cheering

This morning, Keree was 100% for sure she didn't want to go to school. Luckily, we had the Tobacco Hornworm in her bug box and she really, really wanted to share her find. So off to school we went. When I took Keree in, I told the Main Teacher that I knew what happened yesterday. She didn't want to talk in the classroom but instead of going into another room, she wanted to talk in the hallway (where other parents were coming, going and totally hearing our conversation). The Main Teacher was not surprised at all when I said who threw a helicopter like a baseball at my daughter's head. Her excuse was "he's just a little on the wild side." Umm, well if you know he's a little on the wild side and was not surprised at all that he was the one who did it, then why isn't he being watched more closely. After that was discussed, we then asked her about the new project they are doing at school. Which on the paper they sent home asked each child to bring in a picture of their family and they were going to discuss the differences. So I asked her what exactly they were going to be discussing. The first thing out of her mouth was "well we have Korean families this year in class, so I didn't think you were going to have an issue with it." Yeah, what does having other Asian families in class have to do with it? Their children are not adopted, they look like their family and they have a Mom & Dad. So I nicely go, well I was just wondering because I know there has been some confusing things being said to Keree. You told Keree that all babies come from their Mommy tummies and she knows she didn't come from mine, so how am I her Mommy? I nicely tell her that she should consider how she phrases something so Children are not hurt and confused. My Mom also adds in, "we know your excited because this is your 1st child but sometimes you have to think." So what does the Main Teacher say back to us, nothing, she blankly stared at us because she just doesn't get it. I knew whatever else I said to the Main Teacher it was going to be a mute point, after 2 yrs of Keree being in class, she just doesn't get it. I still don't know exactly what this project was going to be about and I'm still trying to decide if we will just opt out, so it doesn't hurt Keree. So, I said good-bye to Keree, she was excited and showing everyone in class her hornworm. When I came to pick Keree up, the Assistant Teacher (who I love) said that they had looked up the Hornworm on the computer and Keree wanted to show me the beautiful moth it becomes. After we got home, we had a quick lunch and then went to start Lesson 48 but Keree was falling asleep and just couldn't concentrate. So we decided to try finishing it later on. My Mom ended up taking a nap with Keree and I got to work on one of my newest projects. I finally figured how to make these recycled headbands and I'm super excited because I love the possibilities of it. This evening, was cheer practice. The Coach called one of the other Mom's and said that her car was still broken down so either practice was going to be canceled or would she be in charge. We all have a feeling that the Coach will be quiting before the season ends. So, since all of us Mom's were in charge, we practiced for about 45 min before we called it quits. After practice, we sat around and talked, while the girls played. It was nice to talk to the other Mom's about everything that had happened this week and I'm thankful that my thoughts were not totally out there like I was beginning to think. We grabbed a quick dinner before we headed home. Once we got home, we all headed straight to bed because we were all so exhausted.

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