Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lazy Sunday & Lesson 44

This morning after we all got up and dressed. We decided to make biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Keree had so much fun opening up the biscuits and arranging them on the pan. After we all finished eating. My Mom decided to mow the field across the creek, my Brother and Keree was going to play outside, while I worked on a few things inside the house. Luckily, I finished early, so I was able to watch Keree and her Uncle play. They drew sidewalk chalk drawings, he tried to fix the right training wheel on her big girl bike (which was unsuccessful thanks to a stripped nut), they played on the trampoline (and got absolutely head to toe dirty) and both of them got attacked by mosquitoes. When we headed in, Keree decided that both Uncle and I would do school with her. We worked on Lesson 44, which was a review of the previous lesson but added a few harder words to read into the mix. Keree only stumbled on the word Kitten, so we will continue to work on it. My Mom spent the afternoon and evening sewing since one of our biggest shows is this coming weekend. Keree and Uncle took a nap. So while they napped, I worked on about a thousand things for this coming weekend also. Then Keree headed upstairs to play with my Mom, while Uncle and I ran to the store for some groceries. When we got home, Keree came downstairs and helped me cook dinner. We had bratwursts and taco salad. Keree loves bratwursts and I forgot how much I love taco salad. We ended our evening upstairs. I worked on some printed ribbon, while my Mom continued to sew and Keree helped Uncle put away the stuff he had brought home for us to store.

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