Monday, September 27, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

None of us wanted to get out of bed this morning. The swing in weather and allergies are really messing with us. My head feels like it's going to blow up from sinus pressure and poor Keree just keeps going "I've got a headache, fix it Mommy." So we slowly dragged ourselves out the door and I dropped her off at school. When I walked in with her, the child who had hit her with the toy, was pitching a fit, throwing stuff, hitting, biting and the Main Teacher was trying to get him under control but he was too far gone. Keree hid behind me and a few of the other Mom's held their kids until he was removed from the class to calm down. I thought about leaving with her but then I thought why should she be the one to miss class. So, I told her that she should try and avoid him at all costs. And if that he started in on a tantrum that she was to find the Assistant Teacher and stay by her. I firmly told her again, do not be around him if he's throwing one of these fits. While Keree was in class, I ran to the craft store for one thing. I ended up walking through the store and I'm glad I did. They had a ton of stuff in the Clearance aisle marked down to 25 cents. I ended up getting complete matching stationary sets, sets of wooden stamps, sets of clear stamps, scrapbook albums, complete wilton cookie cutters sets, decorative file folders and journals. My Christmas shopping for all our Aunts, Great-Aunts, Girl Cousins, Bro's Girlfriend & Grandmas is done!! I came out with 4 of the Huge Shopping bags brimming to the rim and only spent $22. So that only leaves a handful of Boy Cousins and Uncles to buy for. So when I picked Keree up, the summary said that they played outside, read the book "The New Baby" and discussed what it's like to have a new baby. Again, why is having a baby being discussed in class, my opinion again is it should be a subject to be talked about at home. Keree also drew a picture, it was of her Grandma standing by Mickey Mouse, the angry looking guy is the Wildcat mascot we saw, there was a Flying Shoe and a house. When we got home, Keree got to play outside for awhile because the wind had finally died down and the sun was shining bright. She had so much fun riding her bike up and down the sidewalk. Finally, it was past 1230p, so we headed inside and I started work on her Muffin Tin. This week was no theme, so it was a cross between Fall and favorite foods. In the top compartment is some ranch dip, then the compartments on each side of the dip was imitation crab meat, next up was some carrots. Then it was the most favorite item I made, Pumpkins, I used circus peanuts and rolled them around and I decided to use broken pieces of pretzels for the stems. Next up was a Spider, it looked cute at first but feel apart in transition to take pictures of it. It was sitting on a triangle tortilla chip web, it had cheese matchstick legs, topped with a cheddar cheese potato chip and finally his eyes were pieces of bread. And to finish off this lunch, Kitty Cat heads cut out of harvest thin bread. Keree ate a majority of her lunch but just didn't seem to have the energy to finish it. We ended up reviewing Lesson 47 since we had such a big break and then decided to start a new Lesson tomorrow. When she went to take her nap, I ended up spending the majority of the time rubbing her legs because they hurt. Also even though she was tired, she was fighting tooth and nail not to fall asleep. Finally she did, when she woke up, she said she didn't feel too hot. She didn't want to get out of bed, so she spent the majority of the evening sitting in bed, coloring and drinking liquids. We did leave for a short time because I didn't feel like cooking, so we picked up a pizza.


  1. Those pumpkins are genius! I LOVE circus peanuts, so now I'll have an excuse to eat the rest of the bag! :)