Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Cold, Rainy Sunday

It's amazing that it was in the high 90's yesterday and today it's just down right cold and wet. Even though Keree was up before 6a, she decided it was too cold to get up and instead curled up next to me, we watched the news and then PBS together. Once we finally started our day, it was close to 11am. We spent what was left of the morning and some of the early afternoon, packing away most of our summer clothes and hanging up our winter clothes. Keree decided while I did that, she needed to organize her toys. Around 1p, we headed back downstairs. We had planned on doing school and Keree laying down for a nap but honestly, we got sidetracked. I spent the rest of the day working on business stuff, while Keree spent her time playing nearby. We only ventured out for a short time to take pictures and then headed right back in. All the while Keree's exclaiming "it's super, super cold and windy." As for our evening, we called my Aunt and wished her a Happy Birthday. My brother also called and we talked to him for quite awhile. It looks like he's going to make a quick trip home in October because he really wants to see Keree cheer. Otherwise, Keree headed to bed by 8a because she was super tired and I've been trying to finish up some work before heading to bed.

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