Saturday, September 25, 2010

Away Cheerleading

When we got up and got going this morning, we decided to hit a few yard sales before the game. Our first stop was a church rummage sale. They had no clothing that would fit Keree but I did find a gallon ziplock bag of lace (25 cents), 20 different cookie cutters for (1.00) and 16 children books (4.00 worth). As we were leaving the Rummage sale, we saw a sign for a subdivision yard sale. I was surprised at how many houses were participating but there prices were astronomical. I did happen upon one house, who's prices wasn't bad. I got Keree a brand new TCP sleeper and two winter outfits for $3. Which was more than I usually spend but they were boutique and super cute. So after we were finished, we hurried home and Keree changed quickly into her uniform because we had to drive almost 45 minutes North for their game today. The game today fell right during naptime, so we were trying our best to keep her awake during the drive there. Well about 8 minutes before pulling into the park, she fell asleep and she didn't want to wake up. Of course, when she did wake up, she was in a bad mood. After a short time with the other girls, she started to pep up but you could tell she was just tired. Since the Coach wasn't there and it was an away game, the dynamic of the group was a little different. They tried their best and the parents who were coaching was trying their best. It just amazed me the Parents who weren't helping and haven't every helped were so critical of how the girls were handled. I mean seriously, the parents who were helping was coaching better than the current Coach who sits there and texts the entire time, letting the girls run amok. And not trying to be critical but the League has specific rules regarding what you are allowed to do in your Cheer Uniform. One of the big rules is no colored juice or hot chocolate to be consumed while wearing your Uniform. I understand the rule, I mean how freakin hard is it to get that out of normal clothes, well the Mom who brought treats today brought Kool-Aid Red Fruit Punch. I about died that she would ignore the rule. And of course, being the mean Mom, I am, I didn't let Keree drink her drink. I told her that once she was out of her Uniform, then she would have it. Luckily, she sort of understood and she knows when I say no, there's no point in arguing because I just won't let you have it then at all. So after the game was finished, we decided to head to the Local festival being held. Now, up until this year we have always participated and it's one of our biggest money makers of the year. Well, this year the Management of the festival thought they needed to shake thing up. I was upset to say the least, plus I had so many customers telling me how excited they were going to be seeing me there. That's when I would have to apologize and explain why they wouldn't let us be there this year. I have to say, she really did shake things up this year, the whole feeling of the festival was just down right weird. Usually there is droves of crowds and this year there was hardly anyone wandering around. I think alot of people were upset also that this year she kicked out the local/metro folks and got big business as sponsors. Now, Keree did get to do a few fun things, since they always have free craft stations. Her school, had a booth and she got to make a paper plate crown. And I have to say, we were quite a sight with her in the backpack on my back, with her decorated paper plate on her head.

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