Thursday, September 23, 2010


I had such a hard time getting up this morning and even though Keree was bouncing on my head, wide awake at 4am, I still didn't want to budge. I honestly thought about keeping her home from school since today was our first official teaching session with the Homeschool Coordinator but I finally decided there was no way I could keep up with her energy. In retrospect of what occurred today at pre-school, maybe I should have followed some weird gut feeling I had and kept her home. When I picked Keree up from pre-school, the summary said that they prepared apple chips and put them in the dehydrator to eat tomorrow, read another book on apples and painted with sliced apples. When Keree came out the door, she was hot, sweaty and looked like she was about to bust into tears. It just wasn't normal Keree. She ran to my Mom and begged to be picked up. Saying supposedly that her foot hurt. As we were walking out, I kept asking her what was wrong because I knew something was up. I know several other Mom's heard me basically begging Keree to tell me what was wrong but her saying it was nothing. As I was putting her in her car seat, I suddenly looked at her face, that when I noticed that it was swelling over her eye, then it made me exam her closer and she had a bump on her forehead. I asked Keree how did she get a bump on her head, she burst into tears and then she wouldn't say. I asked her a few more times and she said that she got hit in the head with a toy. Needless to say I was steaming mad, I stormed back into the school and the Main Teacher just happened to be opening the door, so I go "How did Keree get the bump on her forehead?" She looked at me dumbfounded and I repeated again "How did Keree get the bump on her forehead?" Then she had a look of panic and tells me she doesn't know. She then asked the other Teacher and she didn't know either. The School Secretary had heard me and asked the other Teacher and she didn't know either. Then they tired to blame it on Keree saying, well I guess she fell somehow. Yeah, let's blame it on the kid. They could tell I was pissed but I was trying to stay cool, so I say "well all I know is that she's says she got hit in the head with a toy, she won't tell me who did it, but she has a bump on her head and it's swelling." The Main Teacher still stood there dumbfounded but the School Secretary offered a ice pack, so as soon as she heard the Secretary offer, she jumped into action and got an ice pack for me. The Main Teacher told me to keep asking Keree what happened so they could handle it. My thought to a point was it's too late, there was 3 teachers in the classroom and no one saw anything. When I came out, I put the ice pack on Keree's forehead and I'm so thankful that it's only slightly swelled as of tonight and actually almost not noticeable. I'm mad at myself that I didn't grab my camera as soon as I noticed it and documented it better. Instead all my pictures came after the swelling had pretty much went down. While I had been inside trying to get to the bottom of it, my Mom was talking with Keree. It seems sometime between them coming in from outside and being released to us (which couldn't have been very long because Keree was still hot and sweaty) a boy in class hit her in the head with a toy. It seems that this same boy had had an accident today (shortly before her getting hit) and the Main Teacher per Keree was furious and said "How dare you". I have seen this same child in action, I've watched him now on two occasions get very violent and hit the Main Teacher and just go crazy (once on our field trip). So I'm not sure if Keree was scared of the Main Teacher and her "How dare you" threat to him, so that's why she didn't say anything. Or if this child is being mean to her and the other children and that's why she didn't want to say anything. Trying to decide now what I'm going to do tomorrow because Keree really isn't thrilled with the thought of going to school tomorrow. So after all that drama, we then had our meeting with the Homeschool Coordinator, I was excited because I thought we would be getting down to business. As much as I really like the Coordinator, she has no sense of time. She was suppose to be there by 11a, then between 11a-1115a and she actually didn't show up until almost 1150a. Instead, it was more testing for Keree and I even got to take a test. Of course, I was super proud because Keree scored in the 93% of all 4.6 yr olds. She only missed 4 things, she didn't know what her jaw was called. She also wouldn't say chest and that's totally my fault. Because of course I am a women and I don't want her running around telling everyone I have tata's, I just say it's part of my body. So of course when they asked her what her chest was, she said part of my body. The other two things she missed was identifying pictures, she called a nail, a screw (also my fault because the way our walls are made we only use screws) and she called a tractor, an atv. Seriously, I even asked the coordinator what it was suppose to be because it looked like a jeep or looked nothing like a tractor. So after all the testing, it was time for the Coordinator to go, they are having a group get together tomorrow but I told her we wouldn't be able to make it. Otherwise she will be back next week. At this point, Keree was exhausted. I got her to eat a little bit of lunch, she played and then wanted to take nap. Since I was in the middle of handling business, my Mom laid Keree down. Of course, Keree somehow got her way and my Mom turned on cartoons for her to watch, which is a big no, no because she won't sleep. So when I went in to check on her, knowing that she was past exhaustion, she was still wide awake watching cartoons. Of course, I was the bad guy when I flipped the cartoons off. Then a short time later began the meltdown. I knew it was from the exhaustion, so I picked her up and started rocking her. Of course that's always met with resistance but she suddenly grabbed her pink cover, calmed down and within a few minutes fell fast asleep. I waited awhile before I put her down to make sure she was really asleep. She slept almost 2 hrs and when she woke up, she was still grumpy. So she stayed in the bedroom, had a snack and watched NatGeo. When she was ready to come out she did. This evening, we spent outside. Since it's suppose to rain tomorrow, we got the mowing, weeding, etc done. Keree had a fun time playing on the trampoline, while we worked. I also found a frog and so we spent some time examining him. Keree wanted to take him to school tomorrow but I told her the Teacher's wouldn't like that. Instead we found a new Tobacco Hornworm on our tomato plants and so he is getting to go with her to school tomorrow. After we were done with our chores, we spent some time just relaxing. Keree had fun playing with her stuffed Kitty Cat. The most hilarious thing she did was she started running and was holding Kitty Cat by one arm. She kept saying "you can't catch me, you can't catch me." So finally my Mom asks her, who can't catch you. Of course, Keree looks at us with a Duh look and says Kitty Cat is chasing me, he's the one who can't catch me. All we could do was sit back, laugh and enjoy her imagination. I tried to get a good picture of the chase but she was just to fast and I couldn't get the picture in focus, but I still had to post it because it was just too cute. After a quick shower, Keree ended up heading to bed early (before 9a). I on the other hand can't sleep and I'm tormenting myself over school tomorrow, the cheerleading mess and general life stress.

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