Thursday, September 16, 2010


About 2am, I started gagging in the middle of the night. I was so exhausted that I didn't know what was happening but I was loud enough my Mom heard me. She came in to check on me and she said all she could think was I wasn't going to get up, instead I was just going to vomit all over myself. It wasn't until I couldn't breath, that it finally snapped me awake enough. Needless to say every stomach muscle I have, hurts! When the alarm went off, I didn't want to get out of bed. Keree was still fast asleep next to me (we are co-sleeping again) and I honestly could of just rolled over and went back to sleep. So I dragged myself out of bed, scrounged up some clothes. Got Keree and myself dressed and out the door. After dropping Keree off at school, it was off to the store because I was in desperate need of safety pins and of course, they just have to be in the same aisle as the ribbon. I tried to be strong but I did walk out of there with some ribbon (it was half-off). Which I can justify buying since I sold over 400 hairbows this past weekend or at least that's what I tried telling myself. When I went to pick Keree up from school, the summary said that they celebrated Nyre's 5th birthday with a special treat, read the book Happy Birthday and answered the question if they liked the apple crisp they ate yesterday or not. While we walked out the school door, the cell started ringing. It was the Homeschool coordinator. We had been waiting to hear back if we had been accepted or not after our file had went to committee (that's been weeks ago). I knew that this was the first week of school, so I was starting to think we weren't accepted. Instead she called today, apologized and said we had been accepted. We scheduled our first meeting for next Thursday and then she told me our first field trip is tomorrow. I was a little shocked but after some rearranging of our schedule, we will be going to the Orchard tomorrow. Since I was so exhausted and didn't feel like cooking, we stopped by Papa Murphy's for lunch/dinner. We had never been there before because I was perplexed by why would you want to go to a kind of fast food restaurant and pick up a uncooked pizza? Well we got the chicago stuffed pizza and I can see why people go there all the time. It was delicious and super filling. We ate the pizza for Lunch and Dinner and we still have half a pizza left for tomorrow. After we ate, we were going to do our next lesson but I can't find our books. I know I took them to Ohio/Kentucky and I know they were in the car when we came home. But I can't find where in the house they got carried in at. So instead of our reading lesson, we worked on some addition before trying to get Keree to fall asleep for a nap. Instead she ended up fighting it and being as exhausted as I've been, I ended up taking a half hour nap. This evening, with such nice cool weather, we headed outside to do a few chores. While out there, Keree enjoyed playing, she rode her bike, rode the sit n spin, played on her swing set and I also took her for a wagon ride. Keree then decided since she saw a few leaves, she needed to try out her rack she got for her Birthday. Since the lawn mower had ground up the leaves, she couldn't rack them into piles and it was quite hilarious watching her try. Once the mosquitoes started biting, we headed inside. Keree went to bed early and I'm trying to catch up on emails and this blog. But since I'm tired, I'm headed to bed.

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