Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oktoberfest - Day 2

Since we stayed up last night working on items to sell today, it took us a little while to get up and going. Thank goodness we always pad our time so we weren't late. Within the first 15 minutes of getting to the Festival, the dark storm clouds rolled in. We had expected rain but the Weather people were assured it wouldn't hit till late afternoon/early evening. They were wrong! It poured! Since our Double White tent had gotten destroyed in the last storm it went though, this time we used two 10x10 easy-ups by First Up. I have found that First Up actually makes a quality product, our original tent has withstood 65 mph winds, 1 1/2 feet of snow dumped on it and countless downpours/monsoons rains, where I have watched other easy-up tents collapse, twist the metal and be destroyed. So because we were using 2 tents, we had a small crack between the two, we thought we had solved the problem with some plastic sheeting on the inside clipped to each side and then it drained out the front and back. Well about half way though this downpour, the sheeting slipped and when it dropped it splattered mud all over my Mom and I, our products, it was a mess! We moved tables and shelving quickly and finally tried to reattach the plastic sheeting. Luckily we solved the problem, we attached one side to the metal frame opposed to just the canvas tops. Needless to say, it's never dull. Well we were suppose to continue to get rain the rest of the day but luckily, it blew all North of where we were and only had a slight mist at one point in the day.
In the afternoon, my Mom and Keree went to watch the Little Miss Gretel and Little Hansel baby pageant. They were so excited to see the Little Girl who won Little Miss Gretel was wearing one of our bows. We were even more excited when her Mom was gracious enough to let us take a picture of her wearing our bow. While my Brother and I manned the tent, my Mom and Keree went walking in the evening since Keree was getting super restless. They went and watched the rides for awhile, my Mom said that they would watch the carousel and when it stopped they moved to this one and when it stopped they moved to a different one to watch. She said she couldn't get Keree to leave. But when they finally did, they happened upon another tent and as they were talking, they wanted to know if we bartered. Of course we do! So Keree is the proud new owner of a Peruvian Sweater jacket that has Llamas and other animals on it. I bartered earlier for a Christmas Ornament to commemorate Uncle's 1st year at his new home. I have to say, I love bartering almost as much as I love garage/rummage/consignment sales. Our night ran a little after closing time but we still got home before 1230a.

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