Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This morning, after dropping Keree off at school, my Mom and I went off in search of some fabric for an order. Luckily, the first store we stopped in had what we needed. When we went to pick Keree up, the summary said that they learned about germs. They learned the washing hands song, read a book about germs and used paint spray to demonstrate how germs disperse on a sheet of paper. Keree said that she made an ah-choo sound before doing it. Right after school, Keree had PT. Needless to say I was more frustrated than ever with her. She said that she must have a new referral because she doesn't think Keree needs PT. Well that's funny because the new Orthopedic doctor believes she does. Since Keree doesn't have any other PT's scheduled, basically today was our last day. I'm going to be working with the Doctor in trying to find a new place for PT. I'm just really tired of their attitude, their she's not gonna get better and her not even meeting the goals we have set. Like walking up the stairs like a normal person. I mean I know that may never happen but hey, why not work on it and help strengthen her leg. When we got home, Keree wanted to take a nap right away, which I was ok with since it was getting late. I checked email while she was laying down and there was an email from the Coach canceling practice this evening but if we wanted to order a t-shirt to meet her at 530p. Which I thought this is good because when Keree woke up from her nap, she wasn't feeling really well (there's been 6 kids sick in her class). But since we wanted t-shirts, we headed up there at 530p to meet her and there we waited, waited and waited. Finally a few minutes before 6p and right as Keree was hitting the "I'm beyond miserable, take me home, my feet hurt" point, the Director showed up. I told her that I didn't know what was going on, that the last email I got was, the practice was canceled and be up here at 530p to order shirts. So thankfully I was able to order shirts from her and head home. Well, here's where the ultimate frustration come in, I had been checking email all day because I was waiting for a custom order to be bought so we could begin work on it. Well when I finally checked my mail at almost midnight, there is an email from the Coach saying they were going to have practice after all. WTH! The thing is, that this email is stamped 7p but says be there at 6p. Needless to say I was ticked, I was going to write something back because we should have been called about this and not emailed yet again about what was going on. But I'm going to wait till morning and cool off.

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