Friday, September 17, 2010

Apple Picking & Cheer

This morning, after we got up, I took Keere to pre-school. I knew she wasn't spending the whole day since the new Homeschool group's field trip started at 11a. I'm not sure what the summary said that they did because Keree was outside playing with her class when I came to get her. But Keree did say they learned how to balance a apple on her head. While Keree was in school, I ended up hitting a neighborhood yard sale. There was only about 5 houses participating but I did get a new smaller bicycle which I hope will work better for Keree. I paid $3 for it. I got 5 pairs of lacy panties for cover-ups underneath Keree's dresses for 25 cents. I also found 3 pairs of jeans, 1 dress and 2 long sleeve tops for Keree for $1. Now the biggest find was the Fisher Price Imaginetex Castle, Pirate Ship and Skull Island along with a huge bag of people and accessories for $5. I couldn't believe that's all they wanted for all these awesome toys. Keree still hasn't seen them and I'm trying to decided if I'm going to save them for one of Keree's Christmas presents. So after I picked her up, we hurried to the Orchard to meet up with our group. We arrived just in time because they were about to serve lunch. They gave each of us a sack lunch, I couldn't believe how much food was in one of the sacks, a ham & cheese sandwich, frito's, carrots, apple, juice and milk. Since, I'm not a big meat eater, I snacked on the carrots out of both Keree and I's lunch. Keree ate her ham and cheese which she dipped in mayonnaise, drank her carton of milk and ate a few carrots, which she also dipped in mayonnaise. After lunch was finished and bathroom breaks were taken, we then headed over to hear the presentation. But first we took a group picture, which I'll have to ask the coordinator for a copy of it. When the presentation started, it seemed the Lady presenting it dumbed it down. She said that bees visited the blooms and got magic dust on their legs. It was so funny because after hearing this Keree looked at me and said within ear shot of the Coordinator "Mom isn't the magic dust called pollen?" I was just so utterly proud in that moment! And the Coordinator seemed thoroughly impressed with the answer. After the presentation, we then headed over to wait and catch the tractor out into the field. It was miserable, it was close to 98 degrees and we were in direct afternoon sun and it took the tractor almost 45 minutes to get there and pick us up. When we finally got on the tractor, I swear the whole group was ready to just go home. We got out to the Orchard and had to walk almost 12 aisles in before we finally got to some apples. I tried to convince Keree to pick the green apples because they are my favorite but she wouldn't have any of that. Since we both had a bag, she insisted that both bags be filled up with red apples. Luckily, I did get to put a few green apples in there. We ended up coming home with about 40 + apples and can't wait to start cooking with them. After our bags were filled, we headed back on the tractor to the picnic area. There we each got a glass of apple cider. Keree ended up drinking not only her's but also mine. We then said our good-byes to the group and spent some time exploring the play are by our self, which is something we missed out on before lunch with the group. She played on the submerged tractor, ran through the covered bridge and we finally ended up by the animals. Most of the animals were inside but the Llamas and Goats weren't. Keree made quick friends with one Mama Goat. Now, Keree asked me to pet the goat, of course my hands were full with 2 big bags of apples, a purse, the camera and of course Keree's half eaten apple. Well I didn't even get very close and next thing I know the goat had snatched the half eaten apple out of my hand and was happily munching away. I tried to get the apple back but there was no way. After she had finished, she came back to let Keree pet her, actually I think she was eyeing the bags of apples in my hands. The funniest part was when suddenly the Goat turned her head towards Keree and Keree screamed "You can't eat my shirt!" After that, Keree was pretty through with the animals, so we started the long walk back to the parking lot to head home. Keree ran through the covered bridge, tried to ride the tricycles and finally we played for a short time in the Gigantic apple. Once we got back to the car, we started the long drive home. Once home, Keree laid down for a nap right away. We were going to do school but our school books are still lost from our trip to Ohio. This evening, Keree had cheer practice. Because it seemed like everyone was running late. Keree and two other girls started working on the banner to be used at tomorrow's first home game. When practice finally did start, their main focus was the half time cheer and dance. Since part of the girls weren't there, it made it hard for them to practice their stunt, which made me nervous because Keree is the one being lifted up. I can't even count how many times they did the cheer and dance but their practiced lasted till a little after 8p. So it was over 2 hours long. But I have to remember Keree was having fun and that's all that mattered. She so enjoyed being with the other girls and helping make the banner. After practice was done, I ran by the grocery store for a special treat. So for a special dessert tonight, we enjoyed a bowl of banana ice cream before heading to bed.

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