Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Game

This morning, we got a slow start but was able to hit a subdivision yard sale. It was actually a little disappointing because out of 300 houses, only about 30 were participating. Out of those 30 houses only about 10 of them didn't have broken, stained items or junk. Since the bike I got yesterday didn't work for Keree (it's too small). Amazingly, we happened upon one yard sale that had a Little Mermaid bike that was bigger than the one from yesterday and smaller than her current bike. But they also had $8 on it, so I asked them if they would come down in price. They just looked at me, so I just go "will you take $3 for it?" and amazingly they said yes. I also scored two vtech games (wiggles and sesame street) for $3 a piece. The last sale we stopped at, we got a large Little Tikes workbench with tools for $2, 4 pairs of shorts, 6 pairs of jeans, spiderman hooded sweatshirt and some random shirts for 25 cents a piece. So I think we had a pretty good day of garage sales. When we got home, we quickly ate lunch and then laid Keree down for a nap. Luckily she took one, even though it was just for about a 1/2 hour. When she woke up, we quickly got dressed for Keree's first game to cheer at. She was so super excited and she looked so freakin' cute in her uniform. Of course, we arrived about 5 minutes before 3p (when the girls was suppose to arrive). The Coach was suppose to be waiting there at 245p and like usual she wasn't there. The Coach didn't show up until almost 315p and the game started at 330p. They were suppose to hold up a banner and the football players were going to run through it but of course she didn't get her stuff together and didn't even think about it until after the game had already started. Then she wanted the girls to hold the banner and she expected the game to stop, so they could run through it. UGH! I'll just say this again, I love the program, I just don't like the way the Coach is handling things. And more than anything, Keree had fun cheering and that's all that mattered. The game went quickly, it could have been because our team was getting slaughtered. When it was half time the girls performed their half time routine. Of course, the Coach decided to mix it up right before they performed, it was almost like she wanted to set them up to fail. Even though the transition of their moves wasn't that smooth because of the "mix it up", they still all got in their correct spots quickly and it still looked great. After half time, they got to return for a short time with their parents, it was only suppose to be until the time was up, but instead the Coach decided that the girls didn't need to Cheer during the entire 3rd Quarter. Then when the girls finally did go back down to the track to Cheer, she let them run around for most of the time (luckily Keree stayed in ready position instead of goofing off) because she was busy texting on her phone. Then the other time, she spent yelling at her 2 yr old son. I seriously couldn't believe it. I think they performed one cheer during the entire 4th Quarter. But again, I just had to get reminding myself that Keree was having fun and she was with her friends. Once we got done, we headed home, fixed a quick dinner and since Keree was exhausted, she was in bed by 8p.

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