Sunday, September 19, 2010


We woke up to super heavy dew this morning, making you almost think that it had rained. Keree spent most of her day climbing up and down the stairs. Sometimes she wanted to be upstairs where I was working and sometimes she wanted to be downstairs where my Mom was working. In the late afternoon, we ended up running to Michaels because it's the only arts and crafts store open on Sunday. Of course, like usual, they didn't have what we needed. After we didn't find what we needed, we decided to stop by the grocery store in hopes of finding a few ingredients for the menu we have planned for Tet Trung Thu. Of course, they also didn't have basic Asian ingredients we needed. So I'm guessing a trip to the small Asian market in town is on the list for the beginning of the week. After we got home and had dinner, Keree and I went outside for a short time. We put air in the tires of her new to her bike (this one fits her so much better) and she practiced riding it up and down the sidewalk. The funniest thing she did was her training wheels would get stuck on higher ground, leaving the tire freestanding. So she could pedal super fast and not go anywhere. She would just laugh and laugh about it...and I have to say it was pretty darn funny watching her little legs go. Once the mosquitoes started biting we headed inside. We spent the evening watching Independence day (Keree's choice because it has aliens in it).

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