Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trip Home

We got up early this morning to try and find a place to rid my Brother's computer of it's virus. Luckily, there was a place less then 2 miles from his house. We got there right as it opened at 10a. We paid the extra money for them to put us on top the list and get the computer done by hopefully Noon. So since we had some time to kill, we ran to the local mall in search of a radio shack. We had forgotten the charger for the cell phone and couldn't risk the trip home without a phone. While we were there, we also visited TCP and scored a brand new pair of light weight footed pajamas for Keree for $1.99. Since we had some more time to waist, we ran into Claire's and found their 10 for $10 area. We got my two Cousins their Christmas presents, so I was pretty happy they were marked off the list. It was almost Noon, so we headed back to the Computer Store, well they weren't done and said another 20 minutes. So Keree and my Mom went inside since Madagascar was playing on the big screen tv. I ended up staying in the car in hopes of catching a short nap before heading home. Well I know I woke up several times, mostly because I would really start getting hot. So I would take a sip of water and fall back asleep. When I finally woke up, I realized my Mom and Keree was finally standing up at the counter and I could see my Brother's computer. I couldn't believe that it was after 3p at that point. So we drove back to my Brother's house, hooked up his computer and then finished the last of the packing. Which meant loading up the roof rack. I swear it took us forever but we were on the road shortly after 5p. I was so exhausted and so was my Mom and Keree, but there was no way we could spend the night again. Keree was so good on the drive home, she ended up falling asleep about 5 min after we left and she ended up sleeping almost 2 hrs. Once she was awake, she watched her movie player and when she finally got restless the last hour of the trip. We sang with the Wiggles cd we have in the car. I normally despise the Wiggles but I have to say, after a 6 hr trip and your almost a sleep, it does a very good job of waking you up and keeping you going. We got home a little before 1am. Keree was fast asleep in her own bed within 10 minutes of getting home.

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