Saturday, September 4, 2010


This morning after eating breakfast, Keree was drawing in her notebook, while my Mom and I did a few things around the house. Suddenly, Keree squealed, she looked at me with concern and goes "who opened the door?" I told her that I didn't know maybe she should go check it out. No, I wasn't sending my daughter into mortal danger because I really did know who it was. Keree stopped at the threshhold and hide behind the curtain, too scared to see who it was. Suddenly, two arms swooped around and in an instant she was yelling it was "Uncle, Uncle is here". We knew he was planning on coming in but just in case it didn't work out, we didn't tell Keree. So she was completely surprised. She spent the morning playing with Uncle until he finally just couldn't stay awake any longer. So, I took her outside to play and then put her down for a nap, so Uncle could actually rest. In the evening, my Mom and Brother headed out to the ball game. So that left, Keree and I to get into trouble. I decided since out big show is this coming weekend, I would actually finish the Mei Tai carrier. I had actually started this project last Fall but indeed up finding a better backpack carrier. Then when that carrier started falling apart because it's been used so much, I found another backpack carrier. It's a great carrier and compact but I wanted something that could tuck into the glove compartment if need be. That meant Keree and I spent all evening upstairs sewing. She played, watched me sew, helped me change numerous bobbins and finally around 9p it was finished. We took it for a test ride down the stairs and around the house. I want to try it out a little more before I make my final decision on if it's going to work or not for us, or if I'm going to try making a Pod instead, to carry her on my back. So after some medicine, Keree was asleep within 3 minutes of her head hitting the pillow. Oh..and Keree is wearing her Talking Cars hat (aka Lightening McQueen hat) along with her Princess Crown..have no idea why, it made her happy and that's all that mattered.

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