Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oktoberfest - Last Day

This morning we all had a rough time waking up. After we got to Oktoberfest, we walked over to Frisch's Big Boy. I was so thankful that they served their full menu, so Keree and I split a Philly Chicken with mac n cheese and mashed potatoes. Keree and I loved the sandwich and mac n cheese but their mashed potatoes had a lot to be desired. Plus their brown gravy also contains small chunks of meat. We then walked back to the Festival so we could open up and eat. Once we opened up the tent, we realized we had been broken into. It was really disheartening when we actually bragged about their security at Maifest. Luckily it could have been a hundred times worse but luckily it was under $100 that was stolen but still it really stressed us out. For a special treat before the Festival opened, we let Keree draw in chalk out on the sidewalk in front of our booth. One of the Locals, Jimmy, who was riding his bike, stopped and watched Keree draw for awhile. Then he asked if he could draw with her. I think they spent almost 2 hrs together, drawing, playing tic tac toe (which Keree actually won and he asked for a rematch) and just talking and singing under the watchful eye of my Mom. My Mom said that Keree sang God Bless America for him and he started crying (he was Vietnam Veteran and had gotten pretty hurt while over there). He was such a sweet guy and Keree really enjoyed her time with him. While all this was happening, I was trying to finish up some bows because they were such a hot seller. Once the Festival started and the Band started, he said his good-bye and since Keree was getting tired, she laid down and watched a movie. About that time my Brother showed up, he had been at the Baseball stadium getting autographs. He was so excited because there was one autograph he really, really wanted since he moved here and he had gotten it. So he excitedly told us the story of how he got Pete Rose's autograph in between us checking out customers. Keree talked awhile with Uncle but she finally asked him to cover her up because she was really, really wanted to take a nap. The downside, she never did take a nap. After awhile, Keree declared herself done, so she spent time walking with Uncle or my Mom. Finally, we were all so tired that no one wanted to walk around so we all sat at the back of the tent and talked. Keree ended up crawling up on my Mom's shoulder and fell asleep, of course by then it was almost 7p. Because of how rough the days and nights had been, we went ahead and let her sleep. She woke up shortly before 9p, which was good because the Festival closed at 9p. We started packing, while Keree sat in the chair watching movies. It actually didn't take us that long to pack up, what took the longest was trying to move the van close enough so we could load and as much as I appreciated it, we still had customers buying bows as we packed and loaded. Can't complain since I made over $40 worth of sales during packing up. I changed Keree into her pajamas before we started back to my Brother's house because I knew she would fall asleep since it was after 1230am. Once we got back, my Mom fell asleep right away, while I stayed awake and wrote this...guess I should try and get some sleep before heading home tomorrow.

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