Monday, September 13, 2010

Unexpected Extra Night in Ohio

Well today, we were suppose to get up bright and early and start the trip home. Well, my Mom decided my brother needed a few things, so we ran to the store. Since Keree had been so good the whole weekend, she got to pick out one toy from the Dollar store. Of course she went nuts when she saw the truck because it had the emblem on it where Uncle works. Plus it also made racing engine sounds. Once we got back to my Brother's house, we packed the last of our stuff and as we were leaving, my Mom tripped. She twisted her body and almost fell into my Brother's liquor cabinet with all his expensive glass wear. I was really of no help, other than I threw my hand out and caught my Mom's head, thus saving the glass wear. Because my Mom was in no shape to travel after her fall, we called my Brother to see if we could stay another night. So as a thank you for letting us stay, I fixed dinner for all of us. I haven't had pork chops in so long, so that's what I fixed, along with some roasted potatoes in olive oil and garlic topped with chive sour cream. Of course, our extra day/night couldn't be without some drama. While checking email, I unknowingly opened an email from our Cousin that contained a virus. I tried to run anti-virus but before we knew it, it had infected the whole system. So my Brother spent his evening at first trying to fix his computer but when that didn't work, we ended our evening playing with Keree and watching American Pickers.

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