Friday, September 10, 2010

Oktoberfest - Day 1

It was hard getting up this morning, the trip in yesterday really did us in. Luckily once we left and headed down to Kentucky, we were able to secure Free Parking, WhooHoo! The downside, I didn't realize how heavy the cooler was. So with Keree strapped on my back with the new Mei Tai we finished just days ago, one hand filled with bags and the other hand trying to carry, what I swear was a 100 lb cooler, we made it to the tent. Once we were there, I got Keree settled in with a movie and then we started setting up. We finished set-up by 1p and so we told our friends (fellow artists), we were walking to get some lunch. The choices were slim but I finally decided on mexican. So with Keree on my back, we crossed 3 major intersections and walked 2 blocks to grab some lunch. My Mom wanted to stay there and eat but I won out and we walked back to the tent and ate. Then before we knew it, it was 3p and time to open. The crowds trickled in from 3p to 5p and honestly I was really starting to worry about the lack of sales. At 6p my Mom, Brother and Keree walked down to the Goose girl fountain where they were holding the Opening Ceremony. My Brother was pretty excited because part of the ceremony was the tapping of the keg. Which means that it's free beer until the keg is tapped out. After they returned, I went down and got one of the last glasses before they ran out. It basically took less than 15 minutes before there was no more beer. What cracked me up, was how many people was still buying beer right next to where they were giving away the free beer. While my Brother and I manned the tent, my Mom and Keree walked around. Of course one of the first places Keree wanted to go was to watch the rides. My Mom offered to let her ride one but Keree told her "no, I just wanna watch." Business was honestly pretty slow the whole evening. I kept waiting for that big rush but it never did happen. Around 10p, Keree started getting really tired, she had missed her nap, so of course she was extra tired. So I changed her into her footie pajamas and she begged to be held. Since I knew Keree wouldn't lay down and rest, I ended up strapping her on front in the Mei Tai. I walked to the end of the sidewalk with her in it and she was fast asleep. Now the downside of the Mei Tai was it was hard to close up the tent. I didn't have the range of motion of my arms and I had to worry about her head flipping backwards while I moved around. Even if she was on back in it and asleep, I would have had to worry about it also. That is when I wished I had my old InStep backpack carrier/stroller because that thing was perfect and I didn't have to worry about her flipping around. Too bad they don't make that model anymore. After we closed up (which was on time unlike last year when we closed almost 2 hrs late) and walked back to our car, we headed back to my Brother's in Ohio. We ended up staying up till around 230a, working on stuff.

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