Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Picking, Muffin Tin Monday & Lesson 46

This morning, we had a late start to our morning since we weren't suppose to be at school till 915a. We ended up making good time and got there around 9a, so we just chilled in the car and I messed around with the camera (trying to figure out which battery had more power since I forgot to charge them last night). Since almost all the other Mom's and Kids were inside before 915a, I finally caved and we headed inside. When we got inside, of course it was complete and utter chaos, which is the norm for field trip day there. Because the bus wasn't scheduled to come till 930a, the teacher finally suggested that they all sit down on the carpet and sing songs. I was surprised at how many new songs that they sung. When it was finally time to go, we had a buddy (since there wasn't enough parents/teacher for safe ratio). I was so glad that our buddy was Nic because she is such a well behaved, sweet child plus Keree and her were in class together last year. I will start off by saying that today just happened to be one of those unseasonably hot fall days. I'm talking 98 degrees with 96% humidity, it was miserable. Of course we were riding a school bus, with no a/c and most of the windows wouldn't go down, the bus was at capacity and everyone was sitting 3 or more to a seat. The drive out to the Orchard is 35 minutes, we happened to be sitting on the wheel well, so we felt every bump magnified. I was so thankful when we arrived! All the kids sat on the bales of hay to hear the presentation given by the owner. She explained to them the proper way to pick apples and then sent us on our way. So we climbed onto the wagon and headed out to the Orchard. I guess I should have remembered how bumpy it is out there because I almost fell off the wagon when the wagon hit a huge mud hole on the dirt track out there. Once they dropped us off, the kids had to sit down again and they explained to them the types of apples and that they were only allowed to pick from two rows of apples. Seriously, two rows and almost all the apples were way up high that were left to be picked and the ones left on the bottom were rotten. So I spent alot of time lifting and helping pick the apples for Keree and Nic. When there bags were full, we got back on the wagon and headed back for a snack. By then all the kids were sweating, miserable and just wanted lots and lots to drink. Instead all they offered them was a bathroom cup size of apple cider. I blame part of it on the school because they should of had water with them because they knew how hot it was going to be. All the kids downed their juice and was asking for more drink and all us parents could do was apologize because we didn't have anything to give them. After drinks and snacks were consumed, we then went on the tour of the farm. Our first stop was to see the pigs, named Biscuit and Gravy. The Farmer fed them and we got to watch them root around and find the apples in the mud. Our next stop was to see and feed the cows. Each child was given some leaves off a corn stalk to feed them. Most of the kids just dropped the leaves but Keree has no fear and she happily had the cow grab the leaf from her hand. Honestly, that is all she has talked about since we got home. I think if I told her we were getting a cow, she would be beyond thrilled at the chance. After the pigs and cows were fed, the kids had a chance at feeding the goats and chickens. Keree was one of the first to get her goat feed and the baby goat ate it right out of her hand in no time. I asked her what it felt like and she said wet. The next stop was to feed the chickens, of course all they could do then was to throw the chicken scratch into the cage. It wasn't as exciting as the cow and goat. Then the kids were released into the play yard. After getting a picture of Keree as an apple, she made a bee-line to the corn table. She spent almost her entire time there filling up a bucket with corn. I actually think the majority of the kids spent their time either in the corn or soybean tables. I finally was able to pull Keree away and I showed her the horse tire swings. She swung a very short time but then was on the go again. She checked out the other play areas before going to play on the tractors. I'll just say that the whole play area is built on a hill and that hill slopes directly onto a road. There is no fence or anything around it because there reasoning is, they don't get too much traffic. Well because it's harvest time, there was tons of large grain trucks. So Keree decided to ride the tractor. She rode around the track and of course had a hard time going up the hill, so I helped her. Well then she decided she could do it herself, I warned her that she was going to go really fast because of the slope. Next thing I know, off Keree goes, full speed ahead. I was running after her, another Mom was trying to stop her and finally Keree slams full force into the corn table. Thank God! If she would have been just a few more inches over, she would have flown all the way down the hill, into the road and into the path of a grain truck. Keree of course has no fear and she wasn't hurt. Instead she was laughing like the crazy nut she is. The other Mom's all commented to me, that she must keep me on my toes because she doesn't seem to have any fear. I also can't even count how many other kids I saw do almost the exact same thing as Keree and how many other Mom's I saw running after those kids. We then got back on the bus and headed back to school. Since I needed gas in the car, we also ran into the gas station and got ourselves a drink because we were still so hot. We then headed home, we grabbed a light lunch because we were so hot and then Keree was so ready for a nap. After Keree woke up from her nap, she was starving. She begged for bratwursts and I was happy to oblige. Since we've missed Muffin Tin Monday the past two weeks, there was no way I was going to miss it today. Keree told me that I had to use her new cookie cutter she had gotten in her Happy Meal over the weekend. It was of a strawberry, which didn't exactly fit the theme of shapes but then I thought "hey a strawberry is a shape." So I decided to make her dinner a sort of Shapes of a Princess/Girl themed tin. So to start, we used the Strawberry to cut some Harvest thin bread. The next compartment is of course her dinner drink, Organic Chocolate drink. Then we have some apple shaped flowers, followed by some ketchup to dip her bread in. The next compartment is cut up bratwurst, followed by some Colby Jack Princess crowns. Since I ran out of space, I used my Frog muffin tin and filled it with some Harvest thin bread stars. She was thrilled with her dinner and actually ate every last bite, which I was amazed because it was alot of food. We ended our evening watching the start of the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Keree was so excited because the first couple who danced, danced to the music of her half-time routine. Since Keree was tired, we headed to bed early and decided to cover Lesson 46. I was lucky that it didn't introduce any new sounds, so it was a review of everything we had learned. I was so happy that Keree didn't struggle since we haven't really done any school in a few weeks. Keree wanted to do another lesson but I finally convinced her that it was too late and she needed to go to bed.

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