Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lesson 10

Well this morning Keree woke up in a total funk, she actually yelled at me. I probably didn't handle the situation that well since my head was pounding but I told her in no uncertain terms that we do not yell....which of course I said all this while I was yelling myself. My Mom decided that none of us felt like cooking, so we should head out to the local breakfast bar. Honestly after there last price drop, it's almost cheaper to eat there, then cook at home. I enjoyed waffles with chocolate, whip cream and cherries on top, potatoes smothered in cheese, onions and peppers, and of course bacon and sausage. When we got home, Keree and I settled on the bed and we worked on Lesson 10. She does really well reading the words that are being introduced but after making the first sound she wants to guess what the word is. So of course she is reading them wrong, which is leading to frustration on both our parts because I keep making her redo them until she has the concept firmly grasped. After we were done with our lesson, we headed outside. Keree helped Mom on the mower, while I worked on cleaning out her kiddie pool. Basically one day of super high heat turned the water green, so I had to scrub the green off the bottom of the pool. After I was done, I pulled up a chair and watched Keree ride her tricycle and scooter crazily up and down the sidewalk. When we finally headed in, it was after 3pm. So Keree and Mom laid down for a nap, while I settled on the couch to watch Transformers 2. Needless to say I didn't make it through the whole movie before I dozed off also. I was awoke a half hour later by giggling. So I grabbed some outdoor craft projects I have been working on and we headed back outside. Keree played on her swing set, while I worked on tye dying some tutu's. Not all of them turned out like I wanted them too but the ones that did turn out right are awesome. We finally headed inside when the mosquitoes started feasting on us. Before we headed in, we checked to see if the slippers, I picked up at the Church Rummage sale yesterday were dry yet. I had washed them, along with the other clothing items, last night on the sanitation setting of the wash machine. Keree was super excited that they were dry, so then came the moment of truth...would they actually fit. Needless to say, you would have though she had million dollar slippers on, when they ended up fitting. Seriously people who don't wear AFO's take for granted there footwear choices, where as we get excited everytime we find a pair of shoes that fit over the AFO. We were then so excited to see Toy Story 2 was on TV tonight, so we settled down for the night to watch the movie.

I can't believe how much my tomatoes and other veggies have grown in less than 1 1/2 weeks.

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