Thursday, June 17, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday on Wednesday

We woke up this morning to thunderstorms and as soon as they let up, the temperature rose super fast to 90+. Keree was cranky all day, I really don't think she felt good, even though she swears she was fine. Maybe it was just one of those days. It seemed like this whole morning, she would start crying over nothing and as soon as she would stop, she would cry over something else. So in trying to make her day a little brighter and since we missed Muffin Tin Monday, I decided today was just as good as day. So I fixed some of Keree's favorites, pizza rolls, carrots and white cheddar cheez crackers. It put a smile on her face and that's all that mattered! She still had a few crackers left on her plate, when she curled up on the chair and started to go to sleep. I went to pick her up to put her in bed and she quickly woke up swearing she wasn't sleepy. I finally convinced her we would just go sit on the bed together. Luckily she fell asleep within 10 minutes. Too bad she only slept for less than a 1/2 hour. When she woke up, she was in such a better mood. My Mom and I spent the afternoon doing some major cleaning around the house, while Keree spent her time playing, pretending a super small box was a rocket ship and drawing treasure maps. Of course, I guess we were all suppose to have a bad day because my Dad's will showed up today. Long story short, it turned out my Dad was a liar. It hurts so bad because I had really thought he had changed and I really thought I was seeing a better side of him, I was so very, very WRONG. I swear this hurts so much more than finding out he died. To know the things he promised, the things he said would happen and the fact if something would have happened to me, Keree would have gotten nothing because she was adopted (only children born to me are rightful heirs). Seriously what kind of BS is that! So I guess more than anything I should just get over it because I can't change it, he's no longer alive, so I can't call him on it. I can't tell him what I really thought of his will, about the lies he told, about the promises he broke. No instead all I can do is sit here, write about it, shake my head in disbelief and to feel rightfully hurt. So after this blow to our day, I spent the rest of my evening making bows and craving Cherry Cola (drank the last of it over the weekend and haven't been to the store since). I did stop for a short time and showed Keree some temporary tattoos I found while cleaning. Since Keree has such sensitive skin, we have never allowed her to have a temporary tattoos for fear she would have a severe rash break out. So today, Keree got her very 1st tattoo. She was jumping for joy and so super excited, as for any signs of a rash, so far, so good. Since we have been having school in the evenings, it didn't happen tonight.

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  1. Oh sad news about the will! I'm sorry...learning something ugly about someone you love is not easy. and even more hard probably since you can't even confront him on it. Hang in there.
    I'm happy to find your blog again! K is growing up so beautifully! What a big girl she is and so happy! You should be coming up in line for your china referral in the next year, yes? June 2006?