Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baseball and Autographs

We spent this morning working on projects around the house. We were up in the air on whether we would use our baseball tickets or not because we were all exhausted from the heat. My Mom ended up calling around noon and found out who was autographing, we then called my Brother, who was beyond excited because last year's All-Star Ryan Franklin was signing. We left in plenty of time but as soon as we crossed the river, we were tied up in grid-lock. It was horrible. When we got there, the gates were already open and we were for sure we would be on the 2nd or 3rd tier in line. So with Keree strapped in the backpack, I walked super fast and was amazed when we ended up being one of the last people on the 1st tier, that meant we would get an autograph! Whoo Hoo!! It was beyond hot and of course the sun was beating down on us. Keree behaved so well when you consider how hot it was, they were late arriving to start autographing and she was hungry because it was dinner time. When we finally reached the table, we got Trever Miller's autograph first. We didn't have anything for him to sign, so he signed our ticket. Then we got Ryan Franklin's autograph (one of last year's All-stars). We were so excited to get his autograph and he also wrote '09 All Star on the ball. We then walked around for a short time before it was time to get back in line for the Former players. The former players were Scott Cooper (who we have seen several times in the past years) and Pat Perry (who we saw back in the late '90s at a Winter Warm-up). After we got our autographs, we went by the Kids Club so Keree could get this months giveaway. Since we were all starving, we splurged and got a pretzel. I guess we were all starving because it tasted so freakin' good being dipped in yellow mustard or dijon mustard for my Mom and Keree. Right as we were finishing our pretzel, Fredbird came out to have his pictures taken with fans. Of course, Keree is in love with Fredbird and anytime we go to the game, we wait in line to see him. When it was her turn, she went running up to him to give him a hug, then he attacked her head and they gave each other high-fives. We stayed for most of the game against the Mariners. We watched Pujols hit a homerun, which after review was ruled a double. We left around the 8th inning for home and listened to the game on the radio which by the way they lost 1-2. Keree went to bed as soon as we got home.

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