Thursday, June 24, 2010


That is how I'm feeling right now. The last 17 hours of this day has been a total disaster and here tomorrow is my Uncle's wedding and I feel like I'm 3 days behind because of today. There was one bright and shiny moment...actually it is more of a miracle that occurred about 7:20pm tonight and it lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders, actually my family's shoulders. All I can say, is if things go alright tomorrow morning, I think we are finally crawling out of that dark downward spiral we have been in, Thank You Spirit Above!
Otherwise onto today, since tomorrow is my Uncle's wedding that meant today was Keree's last day of VBS. At the last moment my Out-of-town Aunt and her Daughter wanted us to watch Jeb. They were suppose to be here at 830a, so I could take both Jeb and Keree to VBS and then spend the entire time there. Well when that time came and went, I took Keree to Bible school so she wouldn't be late. When I arrived back home, they had just dropped off Jeb, so I turned right back around to take him to VBS. He got to Bible school 40 minutes late but Keree was thrilled to see him and they were very sweet to let him visit for the day. Well since I had promised my Out-of-town Aunt and her Daughter that I would stay and watch Jeb the entire time, that is what I ended up doing. Today they learned the story of the Loaves and Fishes, it was so cute that at the end they gave them all goldfish crackers to eat. The also finished up their stick horses and they were sweet enough to make Jeb one, that way he wouldn't be left out. Keree was so sad when I came to pick her up because she really, really loved Bible School. I hope that maybe we will find another Free VBS before the summer is over. Once we got home, we let Jeb and Keree play outside on the swing set while we waited for my Out-of-Town Aunt to show up to pick him up. She finally called around 1pm, saying they were grabbing some lunch before picking him up. Well my Mom flew off the handle at that point because we had planned on picking up grocery's after they left, so of course none of us had eaten cause we didn't have any food in the house. Once they got here, my Southern Uncle (my Mom's brother) who was traveling with his other Sister (out of town Aunt), shared some of his lunch with Keree so she could get to eat. He stayed and visited for a few hours, while we waited for my other Aunt to get off work and to pick up Out-of-Town Aunt and Jeb up. Finally, Southern Uncle needed to leave to head up to my other Uncle's house. So my Out-of-Town Aunt called my Aunt who we were waiting on and she said she would be there in a 1/2 hour, it was now 3pm.....needless to say after alot of frustration, she showed up at 735pm to pick them up. Of course our day was totally shot! I didn't get any of my running and errands done, plus I still needed to finish the Wedding glasses my Grandma decided my Uncle needed to have for tomorrow. And on top of it all, I hadn't eaten all day, so I was getting a nasty headache. So I ran to the one store I absolutely had to run to today, picked up Arby's for dinner because it was way to late to cook, started charging all the camera batteries and packing everything we needed for tomorrow. Finally, I sat down at 1230am, to work on hand-engraving the wedding toast glasses. The first glass went fairly fast but the second glass had tons of air bubbles, so my engraver would hit an air bubble and then skip. I was so furious because there was nothing I could do to make it look any better. My Mom said I'm my own worst critic but it really made me mad that they couldn't be perfect. When all was said and done, it's now 256am and I'm finally heading to bed.

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