Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Magic House

Well since my Out of State Aunt and Jeb had nothing to do today, I had suggested we go to the Magic House (neither of them have ever been there). Well I hadn't heard from them by 8am, so Keree and I just went about our day. I had totally ripped apart a room, trying to sort and clean when around 940a, they called and asked if I was serious about doing something today together. So I hurriedly got Keree and I cleaned up and then we waited for them to show up. They finally got here around 1145a, after struggling to put Keree's car seat in my Aunt's car, we were finally on our way. It's about a 35 minute drive over there, so Keree spent her time pointing out various landmarks to Jeb, whereas Jeb would then tell her, he already knew whatever the landmark was. Of course this frustrated Keree to no end because she knew Jeb had never been here before, so finally she just stopped talking to him. When we finally got to the Magic House and walked the long walkway to the entrance, Jeb could no longer contain his excitement, he was bouncing off the walls. After making a short stop to the bathroom, we headed up to the 2nd floor. Our first stop was the shadow wall, where the kids, well actually all of us had a blast, positioning ourselves in different shapes. We then explored the sound room and fitness room before we headed to the Reflections wall. I honestly think that Keree and Jeb could have spent all day in front of it. Finally we pulled them away from it and we headed up stairs to the electric static ball. Keree is still too short to reach it, so Out of State Aunt was going to hold her but only Mom would do. So before Keree did it, I took out her bows because we have had trouble previously with the electric current shocking her through her metal clips on her bows. After Keree and Jeb, had their hair standing on end, we explored the rest of the Magic House. Jeb's favorite area, was the Giant Climbing Beanstalk. Keree is actually very unsteady on her feet, so she only likes to watch the other kids climb on it. The furthest she has every been on the giant beanstalk is just 3 leaves before turning around. Jeb on the other hand, well I can't even count how many times he climbed from the bottom of the beanstalk (in the basement) to the tip top (on the 4th floor). I think Keree's favorite places are of course the gigantic water area, she can play hours just pouring and filling things with water. Her other favorite place turned out to be the vegetable garden, this section had never been open on our previous visits. So she was so excited to collect vegetables, plant them, pretend to water them, then collect them, put them in a giant soup pot to make some soup. She had a blast and I think we would go back just to play up in the open garden area again. Our final stop of the day, was the Beach. They trucked in a couple of tons of sand and created a giant beach so kids can play in the sand, build sand castles and have fun digging for seashells. They also had a professional come in and he created an amazing sand sculpture. Keree had so much fun trying to point out all the aquatic animals there was. We finally left and it was almost 445p, since none of us had ate since breakfast, we stopped for McDonalds (of course the closest restaurant by the Magic House). Of course since it was after 5p by the time we got back on the road, we got stuck in all kinds of rush hour traffic. Once we hit downtown, I had my Aunt get off the main highway and we weaved ourselves through downtown, which shaved a good 20 minutes off being stuck in rush hour traffic. Right before we got home, Keree started to doze off, so luckily I was able to keep her awake until we hit the driveway. Which at that point, she was ready to go again. While my Mom visited for a short time with my Aunt, I noticed a family of raccoons eating from the Mulberry trees. So I showed both the kids and then we sat their quietly watching them munch away till they got full. Of course since we went to the Magic House today, which was chocked full of science, reading and math activities, we of course skipped our lesson for today.

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