Friday, June 18, 2010

Lesson 13

We got up bright and early this morning because my Mom and Keree had PT. Amazingly, we actually beat Keree's PT into the office. Keree was full of energy which both PT and I were lacking. Keree also decided today was a good day to really test her limits during PT, to see how far she could go until she got in trouble. The downside to that was her PT doesn't stop it from escalating and I have to step in. I mean seriously Keree testing the limits is nothing more than not listening and throwing the harder balls instead of the nice, soft foam ones. But still, the whole point was, she didn't listen to her PT and honestly I shouldn't have had to correct her. I love her PT, don't get me wrong but I'm finding that normal rules Keree should follow, she doesn't try enforcing anymore. It's not like we just meet her PT, she's had the same PT for the last 1 1/2 years and if Keree was getting a little wound up, she would diffuse the situation and they would carry on as normal. If that didn't work, of course I would step in. Now since Keree knows she won't be corrected by PT, she thinks she can go wild and don't have to listen. Which honestly all PT has to do is say "Keree your not doing whatever activity right, lets do it right" and Keree will snap to it. So it's really not even a enforcement or punishment, it's more correcting her to do the actual PT exercise correctly, which isn't that what we are paying for her to do. To make sure she gets stronger and reaches her full potential? Maybe, I'm making this a bigger deal, than it really is but more than anything it's frustrating. Ok, so off of my soapbox.

After we got home this morning, I worked on putting a few things online to sell, while Keree helped my Mom clean in the kitchen. My Mom's legs/knees started hurting so she went to sit down, so that left Keree with me. Of course Keree was extremely tired by this time and all she wanted me to do was get off the computer. Thank goodness it didn't take me too long to finish up what I was working on. As soon as I was done, I laid Keree down for her nap. Luckily, she actually slept for a few hours, so she woke up rested. After a little snack, we headed outside for a very short time to take a few pictures. Which honestly with a heat index of 105, you couldn't stand to be outside anymore than 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Keree did get in some tricycle and scooter riding. I also took a few pictures of the blooms on our vegetable plants, they are growing better than I ever expected. We ended up in the late afternoon having to run to the store because tomorrow we are in charge of bringing the treats for the Baseball team. We picked out some 100% Natural Fruit gummies and they had Capri Sun on sale. After we headed home and had baked potatoes for dinner. Keree and I sat down to cover Lesson 13. Which the Lesson following a new letter sound, is always a review Lesson. So we reviewed all the Letter sounds we have currently learned. We then covered the rhyming and word reading section. In this lesson they added a new section, which is called Sentence reading. They give the child a simple sentence to sound out and read, a picture to go along with whatever the sentence is and a handful of questions to answer. Keree did so good that she read the sentence perfectly and with no help. The sentence was "see me eat". After we finished all the sections, she didn't want to quit but I didn't want to start a new Lesson. So instead we flipped a few lessons forward and went to the Reading Sentence sections. Keree had a blast sounding out the words and trying her best to read those sentences. I was really starting to get discouraged thinking that this book wasn't working because she wouldn't apply it but I guess I was a little too premature on my thinking. Well Keree is already in bed and that's where I need to be since we have baseball bright and early tomorrow.

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