Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st Tee-Ball Game

When we got up this morning, we weren't too sure that Keree would have her 1st ball game of the season. It had rained all night and of course the heat index at 7am was already 103 degrees. So at 8am, I called the rainout line and they said all games were on as scheduled. Keree was beyond excited. They are only out there an hour and the first half is for practice, the second half is the game. I have to say her Coach seems to actually know what he is doing, which is super refreshing!! He helped Keree on her throwing technique, which is something we tried to work on but he knew just the trick to help her. Since the team we were suppose to be playing decided to not join us until the last 15 minutes of the hour, our team got in lots of practice. Finally the Green team joined us and we enjoyed one inning of fielding and one inning of batting before the hour was up. Keree was disappointed she didn't get to bat again but she's excited about next weeks game.

Afterwards, we decided to hit a subdivision yard sale and church rummage sale. The Subdivision yard sale had great prices but really nothing I wanted or needed. I did score a pair of Tommy Hilfiger overalls for Keree for 50 cents, my Mom got a white wheeled 3 shelf storage cart for 25 cents and Keree scored a Pink Princess phone for 25 cents. We stopped by home quickly and then headed to the church rummage sale. Between Keree, Mom and I, we only filled 2 bags ($6 total) but we came home with tons of stuff. Keree had a blast going through all the toys and picking out treasures. Most of the stuff I bought was Shop related things, I got about 25 shirts to embellish, 4 pairs of overalls and 1 Jean Shirt. I did find Keree a Zutano heart dress and a Oshkosh stripe dress that reminds me of a Hanna play dress. The only picture I have to show of all our treasures is of all the fun toys that Keree picked out minus the 3 stuffed animals because they were in the sanitary load of the wash. Keree said her favorite find was Bug Scissors. You ask what are Bug Scissors? Well she found a pair of tweezers/flat looking scissors and she said they were perfect for picking up bugs so she wouldn't have to touch them. When it cooled down just a little bit (ok it wasn't any cooler) she showed me how they worked. I tried so hard not to laugh as she chased Ants around trying to pick them up with her Bug Scissors.

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