Monday, June 7, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

After we got up this morning, we had to do some hard, physical labor outside. We moved probably over 1000 lbs. of wood to it's new home in our yard. Of course during all this moving a Butler garter snake decided to sneak up on me. I'm not scared of snakes but I'm certainly not happy when I look down and there is one trying to attack my shoe. Guess because I was just sort of tapping my foot slowly, he thought I was food. Yikes! Keree spent her time outside on the trampoline. The trampoline was a gift from my Dad to my Brother and it's at least 15 yrs old or older. We've given it a few coats of new paint but otherwise it's in perfect condition. So by the time we finished it was after 2pm (we had been outside since before 630am). We were starving but I was able to pull together our 1st Muffin Tin Monday lunch. Since my metal muffin tin was in the sink, I substituted some silicone muffin holders I had picked up in the dollar section of Target. So Keree got to pick out her favorite things for lunch, pizza rolls, carrots and strawberries. She was so excited that I made her a special lunch instead of just serving it all on a plain plate. I guess I need to stop sometimes and remember it's not about what I'm able or not able to give her but more about those special little things, I can do for her. Well, with all the work we did outside in the oppressive heat, we were very close to heat exhaustion. Keree laid down for a good long nap, while I tried to force myself to work on some craft business. It was such a struggle to do anything with still feeling so hot and so tried. Once Keree woke up from her nap, my Mom and I decided that it was finally cool enough outside, we should take advantage and get some pictures taken of our new products. We headed to this gorgeous cemetery that is not to far from out house to take the pictures. It only took us about 2 hrs to get all the pictures taken and then we headed back home. We are all in bed and it's before 8pm, but that heat can really do a number on you.

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