Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lesson 7 & 8

This morning Keree woke up before the sun came out. It was awful because I didn't want to get out of bed and she was wide awake. Our day was a little jumbled because Keree's Great-Grandparents stayed the night so they could attend Cousin C's funeral in the morning. After last night, there was no way that I could sit through a funeral and I wasn't going to put Keree through it. So an hour before they were suppose to be there, they decide to take us out for breakfast. We ate at what my Grandma calls the sweetest little tea room, which is in the next town over....basically it's a grease dive and not even a good one at that. And for some reason the food was worse than usually this morning. While we waited to be served, I helped Grandma with her new digital camera. Up until last month, she has had the same 35mm camera for the last 18 years. She actually got the hang of up very quickly and so far her pictures are really good. After saying good-bye to them, we headed to Hobby Lobby, where I needed to try finding some hot glue & velcro and ended up finding all these awesome things on clearance. Needless to say I came out of there a whole lot poorer than I went in. Luckily, I can justify my spending because it was actually things we have needed, that I have put off buying because they were way to expensive. My Mom spent the day upstairs sewing, while I spent the day downstairs working on putting centers on bows, pony-o's and hat bows. Keree ended up taking a really good long nap and only woke up when the Great Grandparents decided to come back here instead of leave for Tennessee like originally planned. They decided to attend the funeral tomorrow of my Grandpa's good friend. So while my Mom and I kept working, Grandpa laid down for a nap and Keree kept Grandma occupied....actually I just turned on some cartoons and they enjoyed watching them together. But anytime Keree left, my Grandma would start in on how beautiful my Cousin's funeral was. Honestly I couldn't tell her to shut-up but I just didn't want to talk about it or hear about it. Hell, it hasn't even been a week since my Dad died!! So, they decided around 630pm to head out and visit the Good Friend who passed away Wife. I then ended up ordering a pizza because I didn't feel like cooking. Keree and I waited outside for the Pizza Guy and after he got here headed back inside. I know the pizza didn't taste that good but I was so miserable and hungry it tasted like it was the best pizza in the world. Finally around 8pm, Keree and I sat down and did Lesson 7 and since we breezed through it, we went onto Lesson 8. At the end of Lesson 7 and Lesson 8, they start sounding out words. She did very well on sounding them out except she got hung up on the word "am". This word has given us trouble off and on, so tomorrow we will repeat Lesson 8 before going on to 9. It's late, so I'm heading to bed...should be working but I'm too tired too.

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