Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lesson 11

Since my Mom had to run a few errands this morning, that gave Keree and I sometime to just chill and spend quality one on one time together. So, we decided to tackle Lesson 11. Well needless to say it took us over an hour because even though she sounds out the words right, she then guess what the word is, instead of saying what she just sounded out. So we repeated and repeated the lesson over and over and over. My Mom finally got home, which was good because I honestly was at my wits end and so was Keree. So, we had my Mom join us with our lesson. I'm sort of thankful that it wasn't just me she does the whole sound out the word right and then guess another word. I honestly am starting to think that Keree is doing this on purpose because I can review the previous lesson words and she gets them right off the bat. And it's not a memorization thing because she's doesn't memorize things that quickly. It's basically she gets it right away and it sticks or she totally forgets it. So finally we got through our lesson, we grabbed a quick lunch, a PBJ sandwich. I then worked upstairs trying to gather stuff for hopefully the yard sale we are planning on Saturday and Keree laid down for a nap.
About an hour later, there was a kndock at the door and there was my Out-of-State Aunt and her Grandson, Jeb. They are up here helping out my other Aunt. Since Keree was still asleep, Jeb had fun playing with her toys. About 20 minutes after they got here, she finally woke up. Even though we had just gotten a really bad thunderstorm, the yard wasn't wet at all. So Keree and Jeb headed outside to play, which is so much better than being crammed into the small clear space I have for Keree to play inside. They spent their time racing each other up and down the sidewalk. My Aunt cringed every time they went speeding towards my van and all I could do was laugh and say "it's not the first time it would have been hit from a tricycle/scooter race." After they left, I made some guacamole dogs, they totally hit the spot. I then glanced at the clock and realized it was 10 till 8p. I couldn't believe it was that late already, so I flipped the television on so I could watch Glee. I swear it's becoming one of Keree's favorite shows, which why wouldn't it be with all the awesome music they sing. About 20 minutes before Glee was off, my Brother called home. Our conversation ranged from normal things and then we got on the topic of our Dad. I got a call last week from my Step-Mom asking for my Brother and I's address so she can give them to the Attorney. So obviously, I'm just assuming that because my Dad had a will, that the Attorney needed our address to send us copies or notifications because of said will. I'm not expecting anything because my Dad and I's relationship had been rocky and this will was written over 13 yrs ago. It was only in the last 8 months that we had made great strides and had worked past a ton of issues we had. I had actually gotten to the point I had started planning things with my Dad, which is something I had never done in my life because he never showed up. We had talked about all the BBQ's we would have over the summer and how I promised to cook him an authentic Vietnamese meal. He was so excited and he seemed so genuinely happy. So back to my Brother's converstation, I explained to him that the will had to go through probate court, which of course my Baby Brother had no idea what I was talking about. So as I tried to explain the process the best I could, of course, he was already on the computer looking it up. What I was hoping would only be a 15-20 minute conversation led into over 1 1/2 hrs. By the time we got off, it was past everyone's bedtimes. So I got Keree tucked in and here I am on trying to write this post.

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