Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blood Drive & Lesson 17

This morning we got up bright and early, we had planned on going to the blood drive first but when we got there it didn't start till 10a. So we ended up picking up a few groceries and also meeting up with a friend who ended up giving us a ton of fresh vegetables (crookneck squash, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, sweet corn, red onions and patty pan squash). I can't wait to start cooking with all those fresh vegetables. By the time we were done, it was 20 minutes after 10a. We headed over to the blood drive, we signed in, read the book and then sat for the next available worker. It took forever to get back there, of course they checked my iron level and it was below acceptable, so they had to recheck me. Of course I passed that time, so out we headed to one of the uncomfortable rubber beds. Keree was sitting with my Mom who had already started giving blood. Well the Nurse stuck me and hit nothing, she pulled the needle back out and jammed it back in, still nothing. She did this at least 13 more times before she called for help. By then I was in so much pain, which is so weird because I have an extremely high tolerance for pain and my arm was turning all kinds of color shades. When her help came over, it was more of the same, she jabbed the needle back into my arm and hit nothing, pulled the needle back out and jammed it back in. I was trying so hard not to show the extreme pain I was in because I knew Keree was watching from across the room. My Mom said she could see the pain on my face and said at one point I turned pale white, she thought I was going to pass out. They finally called over the Supervisor, I think she looked at me and knew if they stuck one more needle in me, I would never come back and give blood. I was in so much pain, light-headed and beyond sick to my stomach at that point. So they bandaged me up, told me I could come back tomorrow to give blood (I looked at them like they were crazy) and sent me to the juice/snack table. Keree was excited because I got a coupon for a Free Ice Cream cone, she told everyone that it had to be worth $300 dollars......that could be because I tell her Ice Cream is super expensive and that's why we don't eat it very often. When we got home, both my Mom and I was miserable. They stuck my Mom in both her arms and of course they stuck me at least 20 times. We both had to lay down in hopes of getting rid of the nausea, light-headedness and pain. So, Keree and I took a nap together and my Mom laid on the couch. When we got up, I was feeling alot better other than my arm felt like it was going to fall off. Keree was so concerned about both my Mom and I, she kept having to examine our arms and she's was pretty freaked out when they started bruising. We then started working on Lesson 17. It built on the previous letters we had learned but expanded on the Rhyming and Reading sections. We spent quite awhile going over and over the reading section just so she could get the hang of reading multiple lines. We then started the beginning of Lesson 18 but about half-way through Keree decided she was done, so we will cover the lesson tomorrow instead. As soon as school was done, Keree changed into her swimming suit. The water was a little chilly but she couldn't wait to play in it. She played with lots of her toys and we even added the slide, so she could slide into the water. She was having so much fun. We were out there for a little over an hour. We headed in when Keree's lips started turning blue because she was so cold. We then spent the rest of the evening playing before Keree crawled up on the couch and tried to fall asleep. So we carried her to her own bed, where's she tucked in with Kitty Cat.

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