Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lesson 12

Keree got up before 5am this morning, luckily since she has a new yard sale find Cinderella clock, I convinced her she couldn't get up until the clock said 6:00. Amazingly she almost made it to 6am and I was thankful for the little extra sleep. We slowly got dressed and that's when I realized, I was running low on some supplies. So we decided to run to Hobby Lobby because they were having their 1/2 off sale on ribbon. I was able to find 3 of the colors I really wanted. Of course they didn't have the other ribbon I was looking for, so I picked up a few colors for some pony-o's for Keree. When we got home, it was nap time. My Mom wasn't feeling good, so she laid down and took a short nap with Keree. I on the other hand spent my time trying to organize my temporary craft space in the living room. I made a huge impact on it, even though it looked like I didn't touch a thing. Once Keree got up from her nap, we started to head outside. Of course as soon as we stepped outside, the clouds got super dark and it started raining on us. So back inside we went. So Keree decided to watch me continue clearing/organizing my work space and I happened across a bag (bought months ago). Inside was the other two Alien 51 guys I had bought her. She was super thrilled to have the two main characters. So she found the General and Space Probe, we then reenacted most of the movie. I really wish they had made more of the characters. Well also who would of though my Daughter would be as alien obsessed as her Momma. Finally after dinner, we sat down for our lesson. We reviewed Lesson 11 and she actually read the words correctly! WhooHoo! So we went onto Lesson 12, which we learned a new letter, rhymed and then we got to the word reading. I cringed thinking she would struggle again but she read them with no trouble at all. She was so proud of herself and was so happy that my Mom and I was so proud of her also. I was super exhausted tonight, so we all are headed to bed early.

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