Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baseball & Cheer Camp

Well it seems we were so exhausted from getting in so late last night, that we slept in. Luckily the Coach called to remind us it was picture day (which I had remembered) but his call woke all of us up. We had less than a 1/2 hour to get out the door, so we rushed around but we made it to baseball on time. The Coach decided that we would head over and have our pictures taken first. Which was great because it was super hot and I really didn't want Keree to be a mess in the picture. After some confusion on where the photographers would be set up, we finally found them. Whereas, there was 1 Photographer to photograph an entire basically it was 1 Photographer to 2500 Kids. It was beyond ridiculous! I just don't understand why the Parks and Rec puts up with this Photography Company anymore because every time, its the same unprofessionalism. Well, when it was finally time for our team's pictures, we had already been there for 50 minutes waiting. Luckily, I think the pictures turned out pretty good...well at least I'm pretty sure Keree's individual will. We then headed back over to the field where we were suppose to play our game, there was less than 5 minutes left, so they practiced a little bit since the team we were playing weren't there. The Coach, then called it a day. Since it was our treat day, we passed out the Capri Sun and Fruit Snacks we brought. Once we left, we had a few fast errands to run, before we headed home. We had thought the rest of the family would have called to get together today but needless to say we heard nothing. So we decided instead of Keree sitting around all afternoon, we would let her attend the Cheer camp, which was being held by the League she will cheer in this Fall. We didn't stick around the whole time, but did come back while the Girls went to meet the Professional Football Players (Cowboys, Colts & Rams) who were there teaching the Football camp. We got all their autographs and some great pictures of Keree with them. We ended up then hanging around and watched the practice. Keree seemed to do really good, except her Friend kept hugging, pulling and messing with her. I mean honestly Keree knows better than to mess around but it's hard when its your friend . Also, I can't count how many times I heard Keree say "leave me alone" to her. Finally, my Mom called over the Director and asked that Keree and her friend be split up, which did the trick. But unfortunately by then it was too late because Keree hadn't paid attention enough to have learned the last routine. Finally it was time for them to perform, after Keree realized what she was suppose to do, she did the chants and hand motions great. But I was so frustrated when it was time for them to perform with the College Cheerleaders because Keree had not paid attention, so she didn't know what to do. She did do a few of the hand motions, but that was it. When we first signed up, we were requesting to be on her Friend's team but if they are going to goof off together, it's just not going to work. Because even if I get Keree to behave, if her Friend is messing with her, it's going to be a losing battle. And I really hate to do that because I really get along great with her Mom and before now, anytime the girls have a playdate, there is no problems. So I'm really torn on what to do. Once Keree received her certificate we grabbed some dinner and headed home. Of course Keree had her moments of grouchiness this evening because of missing her nap for the past 3 days and not being in bed before 11pm the past 2 nights. So Keree headed to bed early and I'm hoping that will do the trick. Which that is where I need to be instead of writing this.

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