Monday, June 21, 2010

VBS & Lesson 15

When I got up this morning, it was hot, bright and sunny and within 5 minutes, it grew eerily dark and windy. I expected that at any moment we would get slammed by a storm but instead as quickly as it got eerily dark and windy, it cleared up. We got ready for the day and headed out for Keree's first day of Vacation Bible School. Growing up, church was not apart of our weekends because my Mom was always working. But she did read Bible stories to my Brother and I by Kerosene light. I also knew when Summer came, I would get to go to VBS. I remember all the fun we would have and all the cool craft activities we would do. So a few weeks ago, we got a flier in the mail for a Free VBS at the local Baptist Church. Which trust me a Free VBS is rare, most churches charge now anywhere between $40-$60 for the week long, 3 hours a day of fun. So I signed her up and we have eagerly talked about it. So this morning, when we arrived at the Church, I was blown away at how many people were there. The parking lot, which holds over a 3,000 cars were packed, every parking space was taken. Outside the main doors was a gigantic billboard with an alphabetic listing of the child and what room they were in. We found Keree's name and headed inside. I had hoped they would have signs directing you to the room numbers but no such luck. I asked directions because I wasn't going to wander around the 67,000 sq ft complex on 44 acres trying to find her room. Needless to say, the people who were suppose to be the ones directing and helping people get to where they were going, didn't know there way around either.....we got told wrong directions twice. Finally, a nice Lady helped us to Keree's room, of course as we walked she told us all about her 2 yr old daughter adopted from South Korea. I got Keree checked in, put her bracelet on her and then she panicked. I promised her I would stay for awhile but since there was no room in the classroom, I had to stand outside looking in the window. I watched as she worked on her 1st project which was making finger prints and then looking at them closely with a magnifier glass. I then watched her as she moved around to the different games they had set up. I watched through the glass window for almost an hour, before my stomach grumbling got too loud. So I left for about 10 minutes to get a Sweet Tea and a breakfast sandwich. When I got back, Keree's class wasn't in their room, it turns out they rotate rooms and do different activities along the way. When her class finally got back, I waited a few minutes before I went and peeked back in. They were learning about Buvuma, when I got home I looked it up and it's actually an Island in the middle of Lake Victoria in Africa. Keree was so excited when I came to pick her up, somewhere along the way all the kids got feathers (hers was yellow) but she was disappointed that she didn't get to bring home her craft activities. Luckily since I got to see some of the things they were doing, I was able to ask her questions. She told me they sang songs but they sang them different than she sings them. I asked her what she learned about Buvuma, the only thing that stuck in her mind was that they go Potty in their water and then they drink Potty water. Needless to say we had a lengthy conversation on sanitation and drinking water.
We then stopped quickly by home to pick up my Mom before heading to PT. It was a struggle for Keree to stay awake during PT. Our session did go alot smoother then last weeks and I was relieved. Our PT also let us know that she will be gone for the last week of June and all of July. So we will have a SubPT, which we met once for about 30 seconds. I'm hoping the sessions go smoothly. We had some running to do afterwards, so while we waited for my Mom to do a few errands, I decided to call my Grandma. Now I haven't talked to my Grandma since before my Dad died and honestly the way our relationship is with her, I didn't expect her to pick up and of course she didn't. So instead, I ended up calling her Older Sister, my 96 yr old Great-Aunt. It amazes me that she is 96 because she is still sharp as a tack, drives and is as active as any 20 yr old. I thought, I could just make a quick call but instead it was over an hour. I knew whatever I said to her, she would repeat back to my Grandma, so I stressed to her that if my Grandma cuts contact with us the only person she is hurting is Keree. I'm hoping my Grandma gets the hint. Once we got home, it was almost dinner time. Keree and I started Lesson 15, which was actually a review and went super quick. Keree was pushing me to start the next lesson but I was having trouble making the compound sound correctly to teach her. I found a video of someone pronouncing it and hoped after hearing it a few times, she would pick it up correctly and not need my help. It didn't happen, so we will just do Lesson 16 tomorrow. We had a late dinner and before I knew it, it was bedtime, which is where I really need to be right now.

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