Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rain-out, Garage Sales & Lesson 13

Well I got up bright and early this morning to put together everything we needed for Keree's baseball game and they were also getting team pictures done. After I got everything together, I woke Keree up, dressed and fed, of course right as we were heading out the door, the phone rang. It was Keree's Coach, it had rained a little last night and they were calling the games. They cancel games this week but last week when there was standing water on the fields, they don't call them? It makes no sense at all. My Brother had came in from out of state for a wedding today, but he was making time to go to Keree's game. So I called to let him know and of course he was disappointed because he didn't make any of her games last year. We decided to head out to a few yards sales and Brother asked us to look for him a new suit for today, the one he currently has is more for fall/winter/funerals. Our first stop was a Subdivision yard sale, of course my Mom and I didn't recognize the name, because otherwise we wouldn't have wasted our time. Literally this subdivision has 200+ houses but anytime they have a subdivision yard sale maybe 4-5 houses participate. Which of course was the case yet again this year. We left empty handed. We were going to hit a neighborhood sale but decided to just try a Church Rummage sale in hopes of finding a Suit for my Brother. Well when we got there, it turned out there was no clothing. Now I did find some amazing vintage books and books with records. I was so excited to find The Goodship Lollipop and Snoopy vs. the Red Barron records, with their original cardboard covers. All the books and records were 25 cents and I got $3 worth. I also found a really cute Milk Glass Vase for 25 cents. Keree found a bag of what looked like nearly Brand New Mr. Potato Heads, there are 2 of them with tons of accessories, I paid 75 cents for the bag. My Mom got a new calculator, hanging file folder frame, a wine cork tray and 4 vintage pillowcase, each one of them was 25 cents.
Since we still hadn't found a suit for my Brother, we headed to Goodwi11. I gotta say that there high prices blow me away, plus they now take out all the size tags on Men and Women's clothing. Needless to say no size tags made for a very interesting hunt. It finally came down to my Mom trying on the jacket and then holding it up to my broad shoulders to see if it would fit him. We settled on two sports jackets and found complimenting pants for both of them. Without sizes, all we could do was hope they would fit him properly and luckily whatever didn't fit we would return. While there, I also took a short look in the baby/girls clothing. I found 2 super cute dresses for Keree I paid $3 for both of them. One of them is Laura Ashley and great for Fall/Winter and the other dress is Hartstrings and perfect for this summer, plus it's reversible. I also found 1 really cool platter and 1 really cool plate. The Platter has small pictures of all these places in Europe and Asia. The Plate has a small picture of Asian women. Now usually I wouldn't pay this much for a platter and plate but I really, really liked them so I splurged. I paid $2 for the platter and $1 for the plate.
Once we got home, my Brother tried on all the clothes we got him, luckily the tan jacket with just a few modifications fit him. We also lucked out and the two pairs of tan pants also fit him. So while he got ready, Keree watched me as I removed the buttons on his jacket and resewed them. When we have more time, we are going to modify it into a double breasted jacket. I also tacked the sleeves, so they weren't so long. We snapped a few pictures, before he headed on his way to his girlfriend's friend wedding. We had some chicken and macaroni salad for dinner, we then ended up spending the evening watching the Hallmark Channel. Seriously, like I needed to sit here bawling my head off to the point I got a headache. After getting Keree tucked into bed, I came back out to work on some bottlecap images and of course write this blog post. I'm heading to bed now.

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