Thursday, June 10, 2010


Bright and early this morning, my Out of Town Aunt dropped Jeb off. Today was the day she was helping out my other Aunt. What would have been nice, is if she would have asked before last night if we could watch him. So this turned out to be one of those rare mornings where Keree actually slept in, so while she slept Jeb watched TV. Once he started getting restless, we had to wake Keree up. I fixed them Sausage Pancake on a stick, where Jeb first refused to eat it, he claimed he hates corn dogs. I told him it wasn't a corn dog and he should try it. Next thing I know, he woofed it down and his plate was clean. We then got both of them dressed and headed outside to play. They played for quite awhile on the swingset and slides until Jeb declared he was bored and wanted to watch TV. My Mom told him that we were staying outside to play and there was plenty of things out here to do. So he sat down on the slide and refused to play. Keree in the meantime decided to play in the water table. After we got out the water table toys, Jeb joined her. They played pretty well together until he decided he wanted whatever Keree had. I can't tell you how many times my Mom had to tell him not to grab stuff out of her hands and to try asking Keree nicely for the item. I have to say I'm so thankful that Keree shares her toys without a fuss. We did take a break from the water table and they both enjoyed a sugar-free grape Popsicle. It cracked me up because Keree had no idea how to eat it out of the plastic tube (they are a rare treat for us), whereas Jeb sucked his down. Once Jeb declared he was bored again, we let them jump on the trampoline until they were super hot and sweaty, that way the kiddie pool wouldn't feel so cold. They actually played the best together while in the swimming pool, there was no fussing or grabbing stuff. Finally around 1130am, Out of Town Aunt called and said she was on her way to our house. We let the kids continue playing and I was surprised how long the spent in the pool. Keree finally started getting super chilled and she was sitting there shivering. So since Keree was no longer in the pool, Jeb decided he was done also. They sat there and dried off for awhile before they decided they wanted back in the pool. Needless to say they never got back in, instead they ended up playing in and around the swingset. My Out of Town Aunt finally showed up about 145p to pick up Jeb. So we got the kids changed out of their swimsuits and into their clothes. We then said our good-byes since Out of Town Aunt and Jeb are head home tomorrow. When we finally headed in, we were all exhausted. I tried to work on some bows but kept dozing off, Keree actually walked herself into bed and put herself down for a nap and my Mom fell asleep on the couch. When Keree woke up, she was super crabby. I started to start a lesson but she dissolved into tears, so we decided to skip today because of evening crabbiness.

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