Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Keree was so excited to arrive at VBS this morning. She was also so bummed out when she realized that the week is almost over. So for the first hour and a half of VBS, my Mom and I headed out to try finding some new shoes for the wedding. I have to say I hate shoe shopping almost as much as I hate clothing shopping. But to tell you the truth, I needed some new shoes. The shoes I'm wearing currently are sandals and they are over 5 years old. I wore them almost the entire time I was in Vietnam adopting Keree, since them I wear them no matter if it's the summer or winter months. They soles are almost non-existent and I've actually used silicone to build them up so I could keep wearing them. Yep, that's how desperate I was to avoid shoe shopping. So I knew, I was looking for another pair of sandals and within 42 seconds (yep I actually timed myself) I found the perfect pair of sandals, they were so amazingly comfortable. Now trying to find my Mom a pair of shoes took forever. When we got back to the Church we saw that they made paper cowboy hats. They also learned all about Cowboy church. I have to say I found it quite interesting their take on Cowboy Church, since I had already seen a documentary on it. This is what the learned about instead of Bumuva and we also got to watch them work on their stick horses. They also got to bring home a few of their projects they have made thus far in Bible School. When we were driving home, we were reading the digital marquees to see the temperature. The first one said 109, the next one said 115, the next 111, the next 111. So I'm going to go with that it was 111 outside without the heat index, so with 97% humidity that Weatherguy said it felt like 128 outside. All I can tell you is that the single window unit felt like it was blowing hot air and it was just downright miserable. This evening my Grandparents came to stay the night with us before heading up tomorrow to help with my Uncle's wedding on Friday. Keree had a nice time playing with her Great-Grandparents even though it was way too hot really to even move around. We didn't get around to our school lesson because they were here. But we did practice reading sentences out of the book for them.

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