Wednesday, October 27, 2010

School & Cheer

Keree this morning was up and ready for the day to start before 6am. As for me, I just wanted to crawl under the covers and pretend it wasn't morning yet. Heck, Keree didn't even make a fuss getting dressed for school or even heading out to the car. I did find it a little ironic when we arrived at school that the rest of the kids were pitching fits and begging their Mom's not to leave them. Today, Keree was so ready for school, that she didn't even wave good-bye to me once she was in the classroom. I did hang around a little bit outside the door and watched. Now, I did see something interesting. When the Bully Kid (back from the helicopter throwing incident) came towards her and he was like 1/2 inch from her face, she did suddenly freeze. I saw her hands tense into fists and she planted her feet. He didn't do anything except scream "good morning Keree" at her, she just stared back at him and didn't say a word. It was weird because in that split second I saw my Brother in Keree. The class is going on a field trip tomorrow, so it's going to be interesting to say the least. When I came to pick Keree up, the summary said that they made pumpkin cake, answered the question if they had even been pumpkin picking and every one except on child said they had been, and finally they visualized what it was going to be like at the pumpkin farm tomorrow. So when Keree came bounding out the door, she goes "Mommy the field trip is tomorrow, you can't be late and you have to be here at 830a." Needless to say there was about a dozen nasty words that came to my mind in that second because I knew this message came from her Teacher. The thing is, I'm the Mom who is always early, like way early to a field trip or school event. So why is my daughter telling me I can't be late? The rest of the Mom's looked at me and didn't say a thing. I really wanted to go, well at least I'm going with my daughter, you all, are too freakin' busy with your workout at the Y, you won't take any time out for your kid. I mean these Mom's go and work out while the kids are in school, then pick up the kids, stick them in the daycare at the Y, so they can work out some more. How hard is it to take a few hours out of your day, every few months to go on your kids field trip? Well I'll get off my soapbox. So once we got home, I fixed a quick lunch and Keree was ready for a nap. I was able to get some work done, while she slept. I also decided to call my Step-Mom and see if she wanted to go Trick or Treating with us Saturday morning. The first time I called, she rejected my call and sent it to voicemail, which right as that was happening, I had to take a business call. So, I called back after that and this time the phone rang and rang and finally went to regular voicemail. I left a detailed message, going Keree really wants to see you, she really wants you to go with us, my Mom isn't going with me, so you'll be the only Grandma there. When I got off the phone, I was pissed because she had rejected my call earlier. I mean she stood out there in the Funeral home parking lot begging me to let her stay in Keree's life and now you act like this! I'm really starting to think that even though my Dad stayed away and didn't make an effort, that she was just as bad as him. I had purposely not called her since our last visit at the end of July because I wanted to see if she would really call us. She never has, she hasn't put forth any effort. I have emailed her at least 5 times since our last visit with Keree's cheer schedule and pictures...she's never once written me back or acknowledge even receiving them. I'm so frustrated and hurt because she's the last tie I have to my Dad and it seems like she wants nothing to do with her Granddaughter or me. So this evening, Keree had cheer practice. There was only 4 kids who showed up because 1 quit, 1 had prior stuff and 2 are sick. The Coach gave us an update on the 2 competitions and we discussed the end of year banquet. She wasn't going to have practice but we talked her into it. She taught the girls two new cheers and since it was super dark, we called it a night. When we got home, we watched the tv shows we had taped. Keree was so excited to get to watch the Middle, she is so in love with Brick off that show. She was asleep on the couch by 845p and I need to get to bed also. Nothing like 40+ pre-schoolers at a pumpkin farm.

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