Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hurricane Storm

This morning, Keree had no trouble getting up and actually wanted to go to school. When we walked outside, to head to school, we saw the full effects of the storm last night. The wind had picked up Keree's playset and moved it a good 10 feet, it was crazy. As I was unlocking the car, Keree exclaimed "Momma, the wind is going to knock me over." Nothing like 20-30 mph wind and gusts up to 90+ mph. After dropping Keree off at school, I ended up having to run some errands and actually had some time to spare, so I got to head home and get some work done. When I went to pick Keree up, the summary on the board said that the Fire department brought a fire truck today and explained all the gadgets on it. The made a collage with fall colors, painted on paper plates, read a book Red Leaf, Green Leaf and learned a new song about leaves. Keree was excited when she came out the door to show me the spooky monster face she had made on her paper plate. When we got home, we decided to finally hang up a few Halloween decorations outside. It honestly wasn't a very smart idea since we are in what the Weather forecasters are calling a Hurricane storm and the worst storm they've seen in 70 years. When we went inside, I finally checked my email and the Cheer Coach canceled practice tonight. No reason why, guess she didn't want to be out in the weather. I guess more than anything it's perplexing because of how many times she's canceled or not show up. So since we didn't have practice to interfere with our evening, we spent it entirely upstairs working. We were all so involved in what we were doing that we didn't even realize it was almost 9p and we hadn't ate yet. So I fixed Keree a hot dog and some black olives for dinner. I know the nutritional value wasn't there but some days you just got to go with whats easy. Oh and I almost forgot, Keree got a Halloween card from her Great-Grandparents today, inside the card was $1. She was so funny when she saw the money inside the card, she held it up and exclaimed "Look, it's a bill, is it a Hundred Dollar bill?" She then looked at it a little closer and goes "No, it's even better, it's a Dollar Bill." Hmm, guess I'll have to work more on money.....at least she can name which President is on which bill or coin.

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