Thursday, October 7, 2010

Preschool & Homeschool

When we got up, I was having to work on some business so my Mom dropped Keree off and picked Keree up from school. My Mom said, the summary said that they played outside, made marble paintings and read the book about the women who could eat everything. My Mom asked Keree about the book and Keree could recite almost all of it word by word. When she got home, Keree also repeated all the things the women ate. Since we knew our Homeschool Coordinator would be here soon. Keree and I sat up the table outside and got everything ready. Keree spent her time waiting by riding her tricycle and I was flipping through a few magazines. Keree had joined me shortly before the Homeschool Coordinator got there and so she was super impressed that we were sitting together looking at a magazine. She said it was a "kodak moment". She showed me some of the curriculum we would be using, gave me a packed of papers and then Keree started to work. She made her write the entire alphabet. Had her say her colors and shapes in English & Spanish and then we read a book about going to school. I'm really hoping that she will speed up the lessons, because what we covered today, other than the Spanish, is stuff she already knows. I also have to keep track of all the Learning/Homeschool I incorporate into our lives and how much time we spend. The curriculum that they use gives us will give us a weekly packet of activities also we are suppose to do with our child during that week. Which I don't see a problem doing. After she left, we headed back inside to work on trying to organize the mess that is my house. Around 7p, my Grandparents arrived from out of state for their visit with us and the Family and to celebrate our Cousin's birthday on Saturday and their Birthday's on Sunday (how weird that they both were born on the 10th). Of course, they wanted Keree to stay up way past her bedtime and they also had to make comments about how messy our house is. They just don't get how my house is not only my house but my business. I have boxes stacked all over filled with my products for the shows and of course I'm not going to pack up the stuff I'm currently working on. It just frustrates me beyond belief, they make me feel like I'm a bad person because of the organzied chaos. My Mom keeps threatening to take down their bed and using it for our business storage. I'm all for it but of course, we become the bad guys when they have no where to stay.

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