Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rainy Rough Day

You know it was a rough day, when you didn't pick up your camera to take a single picture. We started our day early, we reset up the yard sale and was open for business by 7a. The plan was that after Keree woke up, got dressed and fed, we would then head about an hour west to the first meeting of a International Single Mom's playgroup. My Mom would stay home and watch the yard sale. When, Keree woke up, she just didn't feel well. I convinced her to get dressed but then she wanted to just stay inside and watch a movie. So why fight. Finally, I convinced her to head outside, I built her a little tent over her chair and so she watched her movie outside. Well right about the time we were suppose to leave, it started to pour down rain. My Mom and I hurried as quickly as we could to get everything back under the tents. We then sat outside and debated if we were going to keep trying with everything packed under the tents. Keree was in no shape to go to a playgroup and finally after checking the radar for the millionth time, we decided the rain won. We did leave the house for a short time in the rain, just to take down our yard sale signs. I spent the rest of the day working, while Keree spent her time resting and watching movies.

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