Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

This morning since it was so chilly, we stayed in bed till 8a even though we were up by 6a. Once we were up, we hung out at home so we could watch the Monster High cartoon on tv at 11a. Once that was off, I set the vcr to tape Shrek Halloween special and of course Keree's favorite Monster vs. Aliens Halloween special, so we could run to the store. We needed to pick a few things up but Keree was dying to spend her Halloween money, $1 from her Great-Grandparents and her Great-Great Aunt F sent her $2. It took her forever to decide on anything and we were about to just save the money for another time. But suddenly she saw some FP Little People who were a wedding couple and came with a wedding cake. It was a little more than her $3 but I had never seen them before and since she obsessed with weddings, it was a perfect toy. Once we got home, we ate lunch and settled in to watch the two Halloween specials I had taped while we were out. It was so nice to curl up on the couch together. I was hoping Keree would take a nap but of course she was too excited for our last night of Trick or Treating. So our 1st stop was our new neighbor's house, she just happened to be outside and we've felt awful we haven't come over and introduced ourselves before now (they've lived there for almost 2 mos now). She was so excited to have a Trick or Treater and I told her we would probably be her only one since we do live out in the country. Our second stop was the Little Country Church a few miles up the road from us. They ended up setting up their Trick or Trunk a little different this year, so the kids had to play games for their treats. The downside, they were set up for the bigger kids and if you didn't win, you didn't get a treat. Of course, Keree was trying her best but there was no way she could handle an adult fishing rod or pick up a huge 4 lb pumpkin and run back and forth with it, trying to beat the best time. So needless to say, we didn't stay too long. Our next stop was the next town over the local Church there was having a Fall Festival and we were invited by several of the families from Keree's pre-school. We had attended this Fall Festival last year and had a blast. This year it was set up a little different, where almost every Trunk had a game that you could play and then they would give you a treat. These were some of the best Trunks, I had seen decorated this year. I was also so surprised by how many participated, there were almost 30 cars. What is also amazing about this Fall Festival, is that they feed each family that comes through. So we stood in line and enjoyed hot dogs, a bowl of chili (a choice of 6 different kinds), chips, dessert and of course a choice of 5 different drinks. After we enjoyed a nice dinner together, our final thing to do was get in the Balloon guys line. He is amazing and I swear he adds a good 20 different shapes to his list every year. This year he's newest creating was a rain stick but he added a small twist to it and inside it 2 rubber balls that go up and down the balloon tubes. It's so cool and a picture just doesn't do it justice at all. Once we were finished there, we drove to the town just North of our house. Another church was having a Fall Festival. Right as we were arriving, they were calling all the kids up to participate in a Costume Contest. Keree and I hurried over there and she made it just in time to be judged. There were 3 awards, one for most creative, one for most elaborate and best costume overalls. The girl who one most Creative was Flo from the Progressive commericals, it was an awesome costume. The Best Overall Costume went to Lugi from Mario Bros. and Keree won Most Elaborate costume. She got a certificate and $5 gift card to Steak n' Shake. They then gave each child a big bag full of Treats and a Caramel apple. Before we left, they were also fixing Free Funnel Cakes. We were so excited because this was the 1st time Keree has ever tried a Funnel Cake. Yep, I have deprived my child of their fried goodness till now. Needless to say the moment she tasted it, she couldn't get enough of it. Thank goodness both my Mom and I got one because Keree ate the majority of my Mom's and I didn't want to share mine. I know, I know, I probably would have shared if I had too but it was so nice not having too. On the way home, I had to stop by the store and pick up some allergy/cold medicine for myself. With all the weather shifts from 80+ on Friday & Saturday and then in the low 40's today, it's just making everyone miserable. Of course since Keree missed her nap, she ended up falling asleep shortly before we got home. She stayed asleep until I had to change her out of her costume, she then asked if she could have one piece of candy before bed. So after she was in her pajamas, she choose the super long tootsie roll to enjoy. Even though we had such a full day, she was still asleep by 8p. So I took the traditional pictures of the candy she got, broken down by where she collected it at. I started taking pictures her very 1st Halloween of her Candy loot and have continued every year since.

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