Thursday, October 14, 2010

On the Road

Well this morning we got up and finished up the last minute things around the house before we could take off. We finished packing the van and securing some stuff to the roof rack. It took us so much longer than we expected to get going on the road. When we finally took off, it was past lunch time, so we grabbed some lunch and got a few last minute things before we hit the highway. Keree did really well on the trip, she slept almost the entire drive. She woke up, when we were about an hour away. When we arrived at my Grandparent's house, it was actually a little after 5p and we were ready for dinner. We all enjoyed some potato soup, even though it was close to 90 degrees outside. After we finished dinner, we carried in a few more bags and then got back to work. My Mom had a ton of stuff to finish sewing and I had quite a few projects also. Keree spent her time walking between where my Grandparents were sitting and where we were. During part of the evening, she convinced her Great-Grandma to play hide and seek with her. I think they played for almost 2 hrs. At first, Keree had a hard time finding a place to hide but then she started to ask my Mom and I for help. I can't count how many times her Great-Grandma couldn't find her. We finally headed to bed a little before 10p. It was strange not to be able to sit in bed and watch the news on tv. Actually, even Keree found it hard to deal with the silence. She laid in bed next to me, muttered over and over for the longest time "it's too quiet, it's too quiet." Thank goodness she finally fell asleep.

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