Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Keree slept pretty lightly last night and I'm pretty sure it's because we were in the car almost all day yesterday. Of course, she fell into a pretty deep sleep right around 6a, so instead of waking her up and her being super grumpy because she didn't get enough sleep, I let her sleep. So, that meant we didn't make it to pre-school today. Which honestly, I don't think she missed much other than some social interaction. After she got up, we spent the morning running some errands and picking up some much needed supplies. By the time we got home, it was after nap time, so after a quickie lunch, I finally laid Keree down around 3p. Luckily, she was still trying to catch up on her sleep from this weekend that she fell asleep rather quickly. Once she got up, there wasn't much time before we had to leave for cheer practice. They ended up learning 3 new Cheers and it just amazed me how the Coach is now wanting to really work on teaching them. Keree also taught them the new cheer that our Cousin taught her two weekends ago about getting R-O-W-D-Y. Of course, the Coach had to change it a little bit but it was still cute. After practice, we got some McD's because there is nothing in the fridge to make dinner. Guess I should have added grocery store to those errands this morning. And now, Keree is in bed and I'm so ready to get some sleep also.

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