Thursday, October 21, 2010


Keree didn't want to go to school again today. But luckily, once we are there she happily walks in. When I came to pick Keree up, the summary said that they made paintings with spray bottles. When we got home, I fixed Keree some samosas for lunch and we ate outside while we waited for our Homeschool Coordinator to show up. Needless to say, we sat outside for over an hour and she never showed up. To say I was not happy is an understatement. I was going to call her but decided I would wait, so I'm very calm, cool and composed when I speak to her. Otherwise, we spent the evening finishing up Keree's costume for our friend's birthday party tomorrow night. While she was trying it on, she suddenly get super excited and goes "no one will see my brace, so they won't be concerned!" Both my Mom and I looked at each other puzzled and asked her what she meant. She said "well people will see my brace and be concerned." So we dropped it for that moment. When I was getting Keree ready for bed, I asked her again what she meant. I asked her if someone was making fun of her brace, she said no. So I decided I wasn't phrasing it right, because if your not dead on with the question, you won't get the correct answer. So I asked her was some of the kids talking about her brace. She goes, yeah, she then names off a few kids, they are always telling me I need to take my brace off and they are always trying to mess with it. I tell them no but they don't stop. I asked her what the Main Teacher does? She goes, nothing. So I ask Keree, does she tell her. Keree goes, I use to tell her but she called me a tattle-tell. I had to hide my emotions from Keree. I then promised her that we would figure out a way to cover her brace. She told me, they don't bother her if she's wearing pants. So I told her that if she is wearing a dress, I'll make sure she has leg warmers on, so they cover her brace. She started to freak out and goes but they don't cover it up. It then hit me she was talking about tights, so I explained to her that she had worn tights and that the leg warmers will cover her brace. I thought, I could speak with the Main Teacher but it's like beating a dead horse because she just doesn't get it and honestly would probably make it worse. She really doesn't understand a delicate situation, I mean you can tell that by my previous Family related rants. I thought about speaking with the Directors but I decided to wait a few days and see how things go with our new plan of covering up her brace. I still breaks my heart that this is happening and when I told my Mom, I also said that it makes me want to yank her out of the school system completely instead of leaving her there for socialization.

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